5 reasons men find ‘human wives’ better than their own

Men are often not satisfied with their wives, but they give compliments and passionate eyes to other people’s wives.

Many husbands, after a long time of marriage, often complain to their friends that they used to find their wives lovely and beautiful, but now they are not as good as other people’s wives. In fact, it is possible that “one’s wife” is not as beautiful, as good as someone who is still holding hands and knees every day.

So what is the cause?

Men are often not satisfied with their wives, but they give compliments and passionate eyes to other people’s wives. Artwork: shutterstock

1. Distance creates beauty

After getting married, often touching and bumping into the smallest things in life makes the feeling of suspense, newness, waiting for love to fade away. According to the law of nature, the wife will no longer be as attractive as the first time to her husband.

Meanwhile, “one’s wife” with invisible distance will create hidden beauty, curiosity, and attract men. This does not mean having an affair, just a normal physiological and emotional issue.

Many people liken, a wife is like an old book, which can be touched at all times even though all the contents are known. And “one’s wife” is like a new book that can only be admired from afar, curious. Curiosity, not being possessed in common, creates hidden beauty, attracting men.

2. Different evaluation angles

When men evaluate and comment on their wives and “others’ wives” often stand at two different angles. Men judge their wives from the husband’s perspective, always more strict than others because of the desire for their wives to become more and more perfect. Therefore, they often pay attention to their wife’s weaknesses instead of looking at their strengths.

But when it comes to judging people’s wives, men are more open. They will only see the good side of that woman, feel why they are so beautiful and gentle, but cannot understand the inside story of their husband and wife. Then the man compares his wife’s own strengths with his wife’s weaknesses.

3. Different moods

Husband and wife have lived together for a long time, unable to hide their shortcomings anymore. Gradually, bad habits, bad habits filled up, it was difficult to compliment each other.

But when communicating with another woman, men will hide their inherent shortcomings and only show their maximum advantages. Therefore, they will receive more sympathy and admiration from that woman when talking to their wife.

When a husband and wife conflict occurs, the husband finds that his wife’s shortcomings are becoming more and more offensive and unappealing. At this time, the advantages and advantages of one’s wife re-emerge, and it is time to start comparing.

4. Saturation mentality

Couples who live together for a long time will appear a state called “Saturation mentality”, or familiarity with the advantages of a partner. For example, braised meat has a very nice taste and color, very attractive at first, but if you eat a lot, you will get bored. Or like stepping into a flower garden, at first seeing the scent is very attractive, but after a long time the sense of smell is saturated, you will feel normal, even uncomfortable.

The love of husbands is the same, over time, the charm and freshness of the partner will not be the same as it was at the beginning. The advantages that they fell in love with their former wives have now become commonplace and familiar. Over time, the feeling will harden and tend to seek new emotions when looking at other women.

5. Heterosexual charm

Men’s instinct is to conquer beauty, so the opposite sex always has a strange attraction to them. So, over time, no matter how beautiful, talented or smart his wife is, a man will not stop at just looking at her. The reason is very simple: If you look at it forever, you will get bored.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that husbands always find their wives more beautiful and attractive than their wives. However, everything must have a limit, not because of new things that give rise to distorted thoughts, affecting family happiness.

A great relationship needs respect from both sides. If a husband always compares his wife to someone else’s wife, it is a sign of disrespect for the other person. It’s selfish to compare if you only think about what your partner can do for you, instead of how you treat them.

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