5 mistakes when washing clothes

Consumer experts reveal some tips to make sure your laundry doesn’t waste money and keep your clothes last longer.

Washing clothes is a daily chore but some people don’t do it properly, ruining their clothes and wasting money. Consumer experts have pointed out the washing mistakes that you should avoid.

Illustration: Daily Record.

Use the same soap for different things

According to consumer experts, most laundry detergents contain bleach to help keep clothes clean, but this can cause colors to fade over time. Therefore, it is better to use liquid detergent for dark clothes. Typically, this will be bleach-free, allowing you to keep colors and dark clothes vibrant.

Worn once, washed

Unless you go to work in a high temperature environment, sweat a lot or work in a dusty place, according to experts, you should not just put on clothes at once and wash them.

With certain types of clothes such as jeans, shirts, skirts… you should wear them more than once. If a shirt doesn’t get dirty or smelly after a morning of wearing it, it’s a good idea to put it on a second time and put it in the machine.

You also shouldn’t machine wash your jeans, unless absolutely necessary. Instead, simply clean your pants by washing them with water and mild soap.

Washing too many clothes can cause you to press the machine every day, even several times a day, leading to a waste of electricity, washing machine, and dryer.

Use a clothes dryer

According to experts, when possible, you should hang your laundry to dry instead of putting it in the dryer. In addition, with some items of material such as lycra fabric, sequins are best not dried because they can be wrinkled, curly .. under high temperature. Bras can also warp and lose shape.

Do not clean the washing machine periodically

If your washing machine smells bad, so will your clothes. The washing machine can be molded by mold, so it needs to be cleaned, so the efficiency of the machine is stable, and the life of the machine is enhanced. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the machine with detergent once every few months. Occasionally, clean the rubber gasket with a cleaning cloth. You also need to clean the detergent drawer, clean the lint filter under the washing machine door, and open the door after washing to let the moisture out.

Thuy Linh (According to Dailyrecord)


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