5 mistakes many people make when drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, eating noodles, carrots, drinking tea or taking a bath after drinking … will all harm the body, even endanger life.

1. Drink on an empty stomach

A new study based on a survey and tracking of 2,600 adults found that drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases the risk of high blood pressure. Specifically, people who often drink alcohol on an empty stomach are 1.5 times more likely to develop high blood pressure than those who eat on an empty stomach and then drink.

Previous studies have linked heavy drinking with high blood pressure, but this new study goes one step further. People who drink small amounts without eating are more likely to have high blood pressure, even if they drink less. Men and women both had similar results, regardless of the type of alcohol.

There are bad habits many people do when drinking. Photo: Aboluowang

2. Shower after drinking

Bathing right after drinking alcohol will increase the burden on the digestive tract and easily damage the digestive tract function. The reason is because the amount of glucose stored in the body will be consumed a lot due to the blood circulation when bathing, leading to a rapid decrease in body temperature. At the same time, alcohol inhibits the normal physiological activity of the liver, hinders the process of restoring glucose reserves in the body, easily leading to shock, even death in severe cases.

3. Eat noodles, vermicelli

Eating noodles and vermicelli when drinking alcohol is the choice of many people, but it is actually not good for the stomach, especially in winter. The process of making vermicelli goes through many stages and requires some food additives, such as alum. This type of blood will slow down the blood flow, causing damage to the body for a long time. When combining alum with alcohol, it can stimulate the liver, increasing the burden on the liver in the process of digestion and absorption, thereby causing diseases.

4. Eat carrots

Carrots have a lot of carotene, if combined with alcohol can cause a chemical reaction that is toxic to the liver. Therefore, people should try to avoid eating carrots and alcohol together.

5. Drink tea

This is a popular drink of nearly every family and many people have the habit of leaving the tray of wine on the tea table, in the hope that tea will relieve alcohol. However, do not drink tea after drinking alcohol, because it will hurt the kidneys, heavy waist and legs, bladder pain… Alcohol has a pungent taste, after drinking it, yang increases. Tea has a bitter taste, mainly belongs to yin, drinking tea after drinking alcohol, especially strong tea, is very harmful to the kidneys.

Here are some of the top detox foods to eat:

Grapes: after drinking very strong breath, the body is lightheaded, eating a few fresh grapes will make you relieved. The tartaric acid in the grapes will help neutralize the ethanol in the wine.

Tomatoes are also very good if used correctly. Studies have found that tomatoes contain the special sugar fructose, which promotes the breakdown of alcohol. Drink 300 ml of tomato juice, whether drunk or not, it also has a liver protective function.

– Grapefruit has a very good alcohol detoxification effect. Even if you don’t drink a lot of alcohol, the alcohol will still stay in your mouth and won’t dissolve. At this point, all you need is to dip the grapefruit with a little sugar to restore fresh breath and high spirits.

– Banana has the effect of raising blood sugar, reducing alcohol concentration, reducing the feeling of hangover, discomfort caused by drinking alcohol.

Bao Nhien (According to Aboluowang)


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