$ 5 million bounty: Colombia’s most wanted drug lord caught

There was a $ 5 million bounty on him …

Colombia’s Most Wanted Drug Boss Has Been Caught! The 50-year-old Dairo Antonio Usaga, known as “Otoniel”, head of the so-called golf clan, was arrested in a large-scale operation by the police, the air force and the army.

He was arrested in the Uraba region in the north-west of the country, said President Ivan Duque on Saturday evening (local time). This is the “heaviest blow to drug trafficking in our country in this century”. He compared the arrest of “Otoniel” with the action that led to the 1993 killing of drug lord Pablo Escobar.

500 members of Colombian special forces and 22 helicopters were in action. A police officer was killed in the action.

“Otoniel was the most feared drug lord in the world, a murderer of police officers, soldiers and local activists,” Duque said at his press conference in Bogota. He is said to have sent numerous deliveries of cocaine to the United States. He was also accused of sexually abusing children and recruiting minors into his gang, Duque said. His arrest means “probably the end of the golf clan”.

At the same time, the president called on the remaining members of the clan either to surrender or to feel “the full weight of the law”.

The US offered a $ 5 million reward for the capture of Úsuga. In addition to drug trafficking, he is also accused of murder, extortion and kidnapping. His golf clan is believed to be responsible for smuggling tons of drugs, especially cocaine, into Central and North America.


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