5 hot meals in the middle of the day Hanoi turns cold

Just sniffing the smell of chicken, squash or duck with wormwood in the winter wind, we immediately understand why this dish is called “winter specialties”. The pieces of chicken thighs and quail are simmered to bones and cartilage, arranged in a pot, open the lid to smoke.

If you love the soft and sweet meat blended in the scent of wormwood leaves, Chinese herbs, and goji berries …, the love of chickens can be pinned on Hang Bo, Hang Cot, Hang Roi streets.

Grilled cartilage

If the chicken dish is the “national” driver of Hanoi, then the grilled cartilage is quite new, popular 2-3 years ago. If separated, the two dishes and cartilage feel very normal. But when packaged in a golden crust, this combination makes the culinary fanatic.

The fragrant, crunchy, chewy, crunchy, sizzling piece on the fire on a winter day makes everyone passing by. No wonder, grilling cartilage is one of the flammable snacks in winter.

Porridge ribs, boy porridge

The mellow aroma of rice flour, mixed with the salty taste, aroma of minced meat, ground pepper or the sweetness of mussels will satisfy any hungry stomach. A bowl of rib porridge worth a try in the old town of Ha Thanh can be mentioned as district side porridge or Co May rib porridge, Van Chuong lane. A bowl with both hands and stomach is only 20,000 VND. If you still want to eat boy porridge, you can visit Tran Xuan Soan or walk around the old town.

On cold winter days with cold wind, it is best to “stay” beside the warm, fragrant porridge. Image: Shutterstock.

Cassava tea

If you do not like the salty food for the supper, the culinary devotees can look for sweet dishes like cassava tea. This dish is simple, rustic but is a “star” of cuisine every time the capital turns windy.

Only a few pieces of cassava were cut square, simmered, mixed in sugar juice with spicy ginger, both sweet and warm. Cassava tea is sold all year round, but gourmets most like the feeling of sizzling hot tea on a cold day to see it bold and attractive. Therefore, these days, we can never see a rest of customers and shippers while carrying cassava tea.

Ship drift wheel

When winter comes with the cold wind at the beginning of the season, few people can resist the sweet aroma of floating cakes. Hot sweet ginger sugar water blends with creamy coconut milk, wraps the soft smooth pieces of cake, plus the lumpy taste of tofu, grated coconut, black sesame.

A familiar place not to be missed for people addicted to floating cakes is Pham Bang’s shop in Hang Giay street, Hanoi. Around the old town, you can also easily find many other ship drifters.

If you can't get there, you can order food through the online food delivery app Gojek.  Screenshots.

If you can’t get there, you can order food through the online food delivery app Gojek. Screenshots.

If in winter, the cold weather makes you afraid to walk around the street, try the solution to bring all the delicious menus above home: thanks to the online food delivery application.

Thao Trang

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