5 common causes of fire in mobile battery

Recently, the incident of a passenger’s smartphone catching fire in the air has worried many people. It also made many people wonder what is the reason behind the fire in the smartphone. In recent years, we have seen some such cases where users got injured due to sudden explosion or fire in mobile battery. Here are some common reasons why smartphone batteries explode and catch on fire.

Smartphone batteries are optimized to operate in a certain temperature. Exposing your smartphone to high temperatures on a regular basis can damage the battery in the long run. Smartphones can become hot when exposed to direct sunlight or in a closed car for a long time. Due to overheating, battery cells become unstable and gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen are produced. These can cause an explosion in the smartphone and cause a fire.

Overheating is one of the primary reasons why a smartphone explodes and catches fire. Many smartphone users are used to leaving their devices to charge overnight, which can lead to overheating at times. Again, this is a matter of debate and there is no clear study on it. Also, remember that an overnight charge usually doesn’t drain the smartphone’s battery in a month or a year. Damage, if it occurs, usually occurs after a long period of overnight charging. Sometimes an explosion can also occur due to short-circuit.

third party charger
It is always recommended to charge your smartphone with the original cable and adapter. Using a charger of any other brand can damage the battery of your smartphone. Third party charging cables and adapters can overheat the device and cause a short circuit in the battery.

rough use
Rough usage of the smartphone can damage not only the outer body but also the battery. Damage can damage the mechanical or chemical components of the battery. An imbalance can lead to short-circuits, overheating and other reasons that can cause the smartphone to explode or catch on fire.

Chipset overloading
With gaming and multi-tasking, the smartphone can heat up quickly due to excessive use. The main reason for the heat is the processor. To keep the device safe, manufacturers add several cooling machines for safety. However, if you feel that it is getting too hot, it is recommended to turn off your smartphone for a few minutes.

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