5 best ways to increase the speed of computers and laptops, leave to hang and restart

In today’s digital age, we do all the work on the computer, in such a situation, the computer works very slowly. In this case, half the time is spent in hanging or restoring the computer. There are many such software in the computer which takes a lot of time to work and if your computer is slow then those software takes more time. In such a situation, working on the computer becomes very difficult. Today we will tell you such tips, which will increase the speed of your computer. And you will be able to work in a fast way.
1 Place Free Space in Computer- When the hard disk of your computer becomes full, then the computer has to use hard disk space to process the data contained in it. If your hard disk does not have space, then the computer takes maximum time to process the data. Therefore, you should keep the hard disk of the computer as free as possible. If you keep more data in your computer, then for that you use external hard drive and whatever data you use less, save that data in your external hard drive. With this, the hard disk of the computer will remain free and the speed of the computer will also be maintained.

2- Uninstall the program without work- Many times we install some software in the computer just for testing, but later on we forget to uninstall it, if the window starts, then the software also starts. In such a situation, the software uses the RAM and processor of your computer, so that without working, the speed of your computer decreases, then uninstall such software from your computer. To uninstall go to your computer’s Control Panel and go to Program & Feature there. There you will find the software and click on it and uninstall it.

3- Disable Start-up Programs- As I said earlier in this point, there are some software that starts with the window itself and due to these programs the speed of your computer slows down. Because when your window starts, these startup programs start using your computer’s RAM and processor, due to which the computer is unable to give full RAM and processor to start other programs and it works slow. To close them, press the “ctrl + alt + dlt” button from your key board and by opening the Task Manager, here you have to go to the Startup tab and close the unnecessary programs.

4-Turn off Visual Effects- Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 are the biggest contributors to the reduced speed of Visual Effects because when you take a computer or laptop, do not pay attention to the graphic memory. If you take a computer just by looking at the RAM and hard disk, then its speed decreases but no one knows the reason. So to stop this effect, first go to the Control Panel and search in the search box on the left side. Click on the appearance and performance of window again. Then by clicking on custom and clicking on show thumbnails of choice, smooth edges of screen font, smooth scroll list boxes and save.

Re-insert Windows If you do not find any change in your computer even after using the trick given above, then you install a new window in the computer, because many times it happens that due to a virus our computer slows down and the virus is Can not remove anti virus. That is why we need to install a new window in our computer.


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