400 euros fine for Rotfahrt: Steimle buys himself free from the driving ban

Dresden – Cabaret artist and actor Uwe Steimle (58) – one day after his birthday, he stood in front of the district court on Monday and took action against a driving ban.

A year ago, Steimle rushed his old-timer “Wartburg Kombi” over the pedestrian traffic lights in Meißner Landstrasse near “Am Urnenfeld”. But the 200 euro fine and a month’s driving ban seemed too much for Steimle.

“As a freelance artist, I cannot afford a driving ban,” he said, district judge Uwe Klinzing (60). He showed interest in vintage cars and was informed about the “Wartburg” history by Steimle.

Uwe Steimle’s speed camera photo

Photo: Picxell

Then he rummaged in the files: “Mr. Steimle, you were flashed in March 2018 at Ampelrot on Bautzner Straße …”

Steimle regretfully: “But this time I drove 1.8 seconds past the red light. Because I didn’t even notice that there was a traffic light there. “And then he added:” I believe in the independence of Germany’s judiciary. “

Judge Klinzing’s verdict: “The driving ban is no longer applicable, you pay 400 euros and the court costs for it.”

Teaser picture

Steimle rolled over the traffic lights with his “Wartburg Camping” when it was red

Photo: Picxell

Uwe Steimle after the negotiation: “That was the second time that I stood in front of the police and the judiciary. In 1987 I had to go to Schießgasse as a murder suspect. One witness pointed to another when compared to 10 people. I could go.”


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