4 things to keep in mind when having elderly parents

Taking care of elderly parents is not a simple responsibility. Children need to ensure their parents’ safety, while respecting their autonomy.

There are 4 important issues that children need to pay attention to when having elderly parents.

Pay attention to indoor safety

Joan Teno, professor of public health at Brown University School of Medicine, warned that the elderly are no longer agile, so they may face potential dangers in their own homes. If you are away from home often or can only visit your parents on weekends, you should be aware of this and take preventive measures early, such as handling slippery bathroom floors, loose stair handrails, etc. equipment, utensils in the kitchen … no longer ensure safety.

Equipment with the lowest risk should be installed and flammable and explosive items should not be used. In addition, you should buy devices for parents with simple, easy-to-use and adult-friendly interfaces.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the physical hygiene of your parents. Older people can have difficulty taking care of themselves, so the help of their children is important. Simply, you can take your parents to the barber shop, help them buy spacious, age-appropriate clothes…

Pay attention to your eating situation

Lisa Gwyther, clinical associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University (North Carolina, USA) recommends paying special attention to your parents’ refrigerators and stoves.

Elderly people often save and use stored food, past its expiry date. You should promptly replenish new foods and help them get rid of expired foods. You can go shopping with your parents and stock up on convenient and nutritious foods. If possible, cook with them often.

Older adults should have a healthy diet, and should not eat foods high in calories, hard-to-trans fat, sugar or salt, as this can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. . Therefore, helping parents choose the right food is very important.

In case they insist on eating in an “unscientific” way, you should tactfully take your parents to the doctor for advice because they are more inclined to listen to the doctor.

Pay attention to the use of drugs

Barbara Supanich, medical director at Holy Cross Hospital, in Silver Spring (USA), people living with chronic illnesses often make the mistake of taking meds, only when severe or dangerous symptoms appear. Once again, they continue to take the correct dose.

Please follow up and share with parents, so that they understand that it is important and necessary to use the right dose of medicine.

Pay attention to financial decisions

Older people can make mistakes in spending, especially against scammers and fraudsters, putting them at risk of losing their retirement savings. Therefore, you should pay attention to your parents’ spending and investments, and warn them about the risks of being scammed.

You should observe that if there are items in your parents’ house that they obviously don’t need but bought back, they may be using the money the wrong way.

In case your parents have no pension, no savings, you should provide them to reduce their financial burden. Don’t criticize or blame them for not being thrifty, because after all, they’ve worked hard to raise you to be a good person.

Experts also encourage children to assist parents in making electronic bill payments, as older adults may have difficulty using technology devices.

Thuy Linh (According to RealSimple)


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