4 things to do to overcome the feeling of failure

Everyone wants their life to be full of success but in reality, failure also has its benefits in life.

Why is failure so important?

Current research shows that we can approach failure with two different mindsets, the growth mindset and the fixed mindset.

The fixed mindset assumes that we all possess specific skills and talents. No matter how hard we try, we cannot change that potential and failure is inevitable.

The growth mindset holds that we all have unlimited potential for growth and evolution. Thus, failure is simply a stopping point before you get to the top, while energizing the journey and giving you the opportunity to change your approach. Failure, therefore, is a test.

The interpretation of failure will determine whether you continue the journey or give up. It also impacts the risks and opportunities we can take to achieve success. If you believe you don’t have the opportunity or the resources you need, making a mistake can lead to huge feelings of disappointment.

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How to reframe the view of failure?

Successful people differ from consistently unsuccessful people in that they know how to take four steps to overcome a fixed mindset and achieve a growth mindset.

Face your own shame

First, ask yourself how has this failure contributed to the story of your shame? Do these stories make you think more negatively about yourself?

If you haven’t told anyone about this embarrassing experience, consider talking to someone you trust and make you feel safe. Then you see how the conversation freed you from that feeling of shame.

Overcoming the feeling of failure

You need to ask yourself questions like:

How can this sense of failure be reframed into a growth mindset?

Is the fixed mindset helpful in getting you to your destination?

Is there any use in focusing on this feeling of failure?

Appreciate the value of effort

Your goal needs to be broken down into small pieces, including the achievable and the tangible. Besides the actual value that the effort brings, do you realize that positive emotions such as curiosity, excitement, excitement… appear when you make efforts, instead of letting the fear of failure master yourself. Take time to evaluate what happened after you made your first attempt at overcoming the challenge.

Always apply a growth mindset in every situation

Always apply this exercise, when you are faced with failure or a difficult challenge. The more you practice that, the more you will find that life flows more smoothly, even in the face of failure.

Remember, failure can be a tool to help you hone your skills, understand your obstacles, and realize that you have the power to get up and move on.

Thuy Linh (According to CNBC)


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