4 notes when choosing a sofa for the living room

In order to find the right sofa for the living room, the homeowner in addition to choosing the color and size must also consider many other factors.

Sofa is often the focal point of the living room, so it requires an investment of time and effort of the owner. Here are some tips to help you find the right sofa set.


It’s great to be sitting in a 7-seater SUV around the city, but when it comes to finding a parking spot, you’re more than likely going to have a hard time. Likewise, a large sofa can bring comfort to the user, but it is not necessarily suitable for the living space, especially when your place is not too spacious.

The general rule when choosing a sofa is The chair does not take up the entire length of the wall. The two ends of the sofa should have a space of at least 45 cm. In the case of a corner sofa, the length of the chair should not take up more than half of the room.

Corner sofas are suitable for open spaces. Photo: APT2B

Space shape

Not every living room is the same in shape. There are square rooms, there are long rooms, so homeowners need to choose sofas based on the shape of the space to be placed. For example, a corner sofa is suitable for an open space because it helps to define and separate the living room area from the kitchen and dining room.

Also, pay attention to the architectural features of the house that cannot be changed such as windows, shelves on the wall. Make sure the sofa you intend to buy does not affect those characteristics.


When buying a sofa, homeowners often forget to take into account the problem of moving in space. In fact, the way occupants move affects the energy of the room. A sofa blocking the aisle, making movement difficult will ruin the atmosphere of the space, occupants will also avoid approaching this area.

If you feel that the sofa set makes you have to walk and dodge, you should consider replacing it with a smaller one.

For ease of movement, the furniture should be 70-90 cm apart and the sofa back should be about 7-12 cm from the wall.

A suitable sofa set will not block the path and the windows and shelves available in the house.  Photo: APT2B

A suitable sofa set will not block the path and the windows and shelves available in the house. Photo: APT2B


Homeowners need to determine the purpose of using their sofa. Some people consider the sofa as a place to read books, others want to lie down and watch TV or gather with friends here.

Think about how many people are sitting on the sofa at the same time. If this number is more than two, you can consider a three-seater sofa or a full-sized corner sofa. On the contrary, a two-seater sofa is enough.

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