4 mistakes of homeowners that make the house bad

Despite spending a lot of money on design, many Vietnamese homeowners still receive houses with many errors, discomfort when used, and poor aesthetics because of the following 4 mistakes.

Choosing the wrong design – construction unit

According to architect Le Hung Trong, founder and operator of an architectural design office in Ho Chi Minh City, choosing the wrong design-construction unit is the first mistake that causes homeowners to not have the house they want.

Today, the market has countless units that can do this, but not all offices are capable of meeting the needs and desires of homeowners. For example, if you are a person with high requirements, you should not look for young units with cheap design fees.

Not to mention, many offices run after revenue, and do not have enough highly specialized personnel to work with customers, Architect Trong noted.

In fact, very few design – construction units are “comprehensively good”. Each place usually has its own strengths. According to architect and photographer Nguyen Quang Minh (Hanoi), an office specializing in neoclassical style houses may not be able to do well in minimalist projects. Putting the topic on the wrong side of the designer’s strengths can make the results not as desired by the homeowner.

Ideally, before choosing a design, homeowners should find out in advance the working process as well as the works that the unit has performed to see if it is suitable for them.

Not knowing your needs and desires

If the homeowner does not determine what he wants with the home and is consistent with it, it is difficult for the architect to create a suitable project. In the process of building a house, homeowners are easily swayed by outside opinions and require revision of drawings many times, both time consuming and not sure to ensure aesthetics and techniques.

According to architect Trong, homeowners and architects also need to clearly distinguish between needs and wants. “Needs are what is essential and relevant, and desires are favorites, added later,” explained Mr. Trong.

Thus, the house design needs to meet the needs of the owner and consider the wishes based on space and financial conditions.

Needs and desires need to be agreed upon among the host family members and given to the architect from the outset.

A beautiful house needs consensus between the owner and the design – construction unit. Photo: Le House

Imposing architect

The owner is the person who uses the house the most, so of course, he has the right to give his opinion. However, not all homeowners have knowledge of architecture and interiors. Some people even think that architects are not experienced enough like themselves, so they should force designers to do what they want.

“Homeowners can go to many places and experience many things, but it’s just a personal experience. They don’t have professional training, don’t know the geographical location where they go, and don’t understand the weather. How does that place affect the materials and feel”, architect Nguyen Viet Linh, founder of the design office Indust Design identify. Many times, he was asked to design a house like a resort that the owner stayed in while traveling abroad, while the climate there was completely different from Vietnam.

Architect Trong encountered a case where the owner asked to make a wardrobe only 400-450 mm deep even though the standard size is 550-600 mm. The reason is that the owner has seen such cabinets when traveling to Singapore and Japan without realizing that these two countries are “crowded with people” and the house he intends to build is not small.

“Personal experience is necessary, but if you don’t have expertise, don’t make your experience the standard. Design standards are all specified in specialized books,” said Mr. Trong.

Arbitrarily modify the design

“For every 10 homeowners, there are 5-6 people who fix the design by themselves”, architect Viet Linh said. This may be because the owner does not clearly understand his needs and desires, thereby being influenced by outsiders (such as contractors, construction crews) or because the owner is too self-centered.

Each design requires the architect’s gray matter and research time. Arbitrarily correcting according to the ideas of a lack of expertise will lead to trouble that the owner cannot expect. For example, some homeowners raise the ladder height without asking the architect, making their move heavy and difficult.

The owners themselves change the floor materials and design of the lights, making the space no longer as luxurious as the drawing.  Photo: Indust Design

The owners themselves change the floor materials and design of the lights, making the space no longer as luxurious as the drawing. Photo: Indust Design

In addition to fixing the design, many homeowners also arbitrarily change the materials. For example, a homeowner who used to work with architect Viet Linh criticized the floor material that the consulting design unit was expensive for and changed to the “same surface, cheaper color” type provided by an acquaintance. “In the end, they discovered that it was a fake product that did not guarantee quality, had not been used, and had to be replaced,” said architect Linh.

“Actually, every design-construction unit is afraid of warranty, so they often advise customers on good products from the very beginning,” added Mr. Linh.

To have a beautiful house, homeowners should trust the design and construction office that they have chosen and respect their design. If you have any questions, please talk openly with the architect, avoid hearing opinions from outsiders and modifying on your own.

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