4 expert tips for raising girls

Some people spread the concept of “Using poverty to raise sons, using riches to support girls” but this is very wrong.

According to Ly Mai Can – professor of crime psychology at the Public Security University of China, raising a daughter, despite its own characteristics, should still follow the basic principles, so that the child can grow up and be stable. in life.

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Don’t teach children “beauty is everything”

With increasingly improved living conditions, more and more mothers like to make up their daughters. From an early age, the children were dressed in delicate and beautiful outfits like little princesses, many even wore makeup and jewelry … when they went to school. According to Professor Ly Mai Can, children when going to school need to dress clean, neat, suitable for learning and living in the collective environment. Therefore, babies should not be over-dressed and elaborate. When children are too focused on appearance, they will form thinking that values ​​the appearance, leading to a lack of learning. In adolescence, this is even more dangerous.

Professor points out, the fact that a girl is too attractive to the eye can also cause potential dangers, because the outstanding child is often noticed and cared for. Children can also easily fall in love early due to being liked and loved.

Many parents with good conditions often let their children wear brand-name goods, even when going to school, this can lead to their children placing heavy material values, easily leading to lack of harmony with their peers.

Don’t force your “daughter to behave”

Each child has a unique personality. Even though they are a girl, each child has a personality: gentle, mild-tempered, active, active, and naughty children. There are beautiful and white children, some are tanned, like short hair like boys … Parents should respect the wishes and personality of their children, instead of forcing their children into the framework: “Daughter Yes … “.

According to the doctor of the Ly family: “A son or a daughter needs to be trained”. Even girls also need to be trained to be healthy, love sports, have the spirit to overcome difficulties, be brave in the face of challenges. Girls also need to be able to take care of themselves, have an independent spirit, not be able to rely entirely on their parents. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to actively learn, explore and expand their horizons.

Don’t let your child freely “like to hang out when you go”

According to Professor Ly, if a girl wants to be respected in society, she herself needs to have a sense of respect for the principles of the family, as a child. For example, parents should set out to their daughter the principle “Go home before 10:00 pm”.

Setting this time rule is the premise for children to always respect the family rules in the future, and also helps protect children from the dangers of non-compliance with safe times.

Do not be indifferent to sex education for children

Children of different sexes have completely different physical makeup, puberty characteristics and psychological needs. At each stage of children’s growing up, parents must carefully educate their children so that they have a sense of protecting themselves and being safe. Professor Ly advises mothers to pay attention to sex education for girls, so that they understand and protect themselves in all situations.

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