4 creatures that easily get into the toilet and how to prevent it

Snakes, spiders, mice and lizards are creatures that often crawl into the toilet through the waste path, forcing people to stop and ensure safety.


This creature only likes cool, damp and dark places, which is why toilet pipes make an ideal environment for them to crawl in. In particular, this area often has leftovers, which are easy to attract and find them.

Snakes that crawl into the toilet are usually harmless because they have a slimmer body and can get through pipes than venomous species. To prevent this, families should break the habit of dumping leftovers down the toilet.

Snakes tend to crawl up the toilet after feeding in the waste passage.


Rats can appear anywhere from the kitchen, bedroom, storage room and toilet. In particular, houses with toilets and litter lines located in the same pipe are easy for mice to find their way in. Rats have small, flexible bodies that can hold their breath for a few minutes to swim through pipes.


It is not possible to swim in pipes, but this animal can appear in the bathroom through another passage and spread silk outside the toilet. It can be said that the toilet is an ideal environment for spiders to hide and spread webs, especially in areas with dark, humid spaces that attract poisonous spiders.

Therefore, when using the toilet, homeowners need to carefully check the surroundings to avoid being bitten by spiders.

In addition to snakes, spiders also love hot, humid environments in toilets.

In addition to snakes, spiders also love hot, humid environments in toilets.

The lizard

In the American Southwest, lizards crawling through toilet pipes are quite common. These creatures love water and are willing to forage anywhere. In particular, this creature easily gets into water pipes due to its small size.

In addition, crickets and other insects (such as flies) can be found in many toilet plumbing if not kept clean.

How to prevent animals from crawling into the toilet?

Keep clean: The first thing you need to do is clean, regularly clean and maintain the drainage system. This avoids stagnant water, creating favorable conditions for flies, butterflies and insects to thrive.

In addition, you should also attach deodorant tablets to the toilet wall, making the toilet always smelling fresh and clean.

Keep the floor dry: Most pests love moisture and that’s why they’re easily attracted to damp bathroom floors. It is important to remove all standing water from the sink and floor. In case you find a leak in your drinking water system, call a technician to fix it.

Natural waste pipeline cleaning: Users should mix a mixture of sugar, water, vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, mix well and pour it down the toilet, where to wash dishes. After that, more boiling water should be added to help clean the water pipes.

Contact the rescue unit: If homeowners don’t have the time or courage to deal with the pest, get help. These rescue units will use heavy duty detergents to repel or hit, catch accordingly.

Note: After cleaning, you can flush water mixed with cleaning solution down the drain to ensure no vermin climbs up the toilet, every few months.

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