4 characteristics of people who are increasingly poor

In life, it is a fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

This phenomenon, known as the Matthew effect, was concluded in the 1960s by the famous sociologist Robert Morton.

According to this effect, an individual or group that is successful in terms of status and money will have a cumulative advantage. This is a premise to help them have more opportunities and be more successful in the future. While the poor are the opposite.

Many people always ask the question: Why are they forever poor? Sometimes they blame luck, at fate. But really, the answer lies in each person. Artwork: 163.com

Also according to psychological analysis, people who are increasingly poor often have the following 4 characteristics.

1. The face is vain

Many poor people are especially concerned with their appearance. For example, friends go out to dinner together, after the end they loudly fight to pay the strongest. Although honestly, I was afraid to take money out of my wallet, still waiting for someone else to win the bill with me. This is the kind of arrogant person.

People who have no face are often tired of face. To show off, to satisfy personal vanity, they can buy a car, an item beyond their means. Being praised by others, they feel comfortable, but when it comes to repaying the debt, they are extremely miserable.

The vain person often hides his feeling of inferiority when he compares himself to the better by always pretending to be rich. They are ready to show off anytime, anywhere, to affirm themselves to be always “classy”. People who have no face often don’t learn, don’t try to get proper respect, but just pretend. Such people are often not capable of succeeding at work.

2. Always expect sudden riches

Poor people always have a thirst for money and want to make money as quickly as possible. Some people even hope to become rich overnight. The reason is that once they become rich, they will enjoy it without having to work hard anymore.

However, the more you believe in luck, the lower your self-evaluation with hard work and effort. This is a bad habit, making your life more and more ruined. Reality has proven, many people have destroyed themselves into games of chance to get rich quickly. According to a survey by the US National Bureau of Spiritual Research, in the past 20 years, the rate of first prize lottery winners going bankrupt within 5 years is up to 75%. Therefore, if the poor suddenly become rich, they will often return to the poor life as before, if they do not continue to try.

If you want to be rich, you must rely on your own bravery and ability. Everyone needs to get rich by their own ability, not waiting for things to fall from the sky.

3. Usually calculate gain and loss

The biggest obstacle to the advancement of each person is selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Wise, rich people often live openly, while poor people calculate the smallest things. Selfishness, calculating gain and loss will make people always live in a vicious circle of rice and money without being able to break through.

Hong Kong billionaire Ly Gia Thanh once said, when you are poor, don’t calculate and compete with others. The poor should not be too miserly, but be generous and freely share your heart. That way there is a chance for career advancement.

“When you’re poor, spend money on others, don’t calculate much. That’s the amount of money you should spend to buy opportunities for yourself. When you’re rich, learn how to let others treat you well. “, the billionaire surnamed Li said.

4. Clustered in a private world

According to billionaire Ly Gia Thanh, when you’re poor, you don’t just stay in the corner of your house, but you have to go out to exchange and explore opportunities for yourself. When you are rich, you can do the opposite.

People who are increasingly poor often want to live in their own world, are not brave enough to face change, and never calculate to expand their vision to the outside world. At least, they themselves never had such an intention, unless someone was around to escort them. Living comfortably for too long, without wanting to change the status quo, is the beginning of poverty.

When you’re poor, don’t be afraid to throw yourself out to experience. Only in this way, you will learn from experience, know how to create a career for yourself in the future.

Vy Trang (According to 163.com)


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