3rd league: HFC regular players threaten the bank – the Schnorrenberg fury

Halle coach Florian Schnorrenberg (43) has rarely seen this dejected. After the 1: 2 bankruptcy of the HFC in Meppen, he made an all-round blow. What one hardly knew about him before.

His main criticism: “There were some who didn’t go to the limit. You can’t get three points like that. So it’s no alibi for me that we didn’t have normal training the week before. “

Schnorrenberg angry about the setting! After the game, the coach gave a cabin address. Hearty, loud and haunting.

Schnorrenberg: “I was just disappointed. For me it is particularly annoying that we were unable to break away decisively from below. “

Schnorrenberg angry!

What that means for the professionals: more intensive training, more one-on-one discussions and a rougher tone! The coaching team does not want to see such an attitude again, relies on a reaction. Schnorrenberg: “We are going into a detailed analysis and will discuss things with the players.”

Also means: Schnorrenberg will shake the regular places. If you don’t react during training, you may see yourself on the bench again quickly. On Saturday, Lübeck comes in last.


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