39 years old man raising crocodiles as pets

Japan39 years ago, Mr. Nobumitsu Murabayashi bought a baby crocodile in a zoo named Caiman, to please his little son.

The small crocodile every day is about 2.1 meters long, weighing 45 kg. Caiman used to bite his son when he was a kid. “ Maybe most people will give up a pet if it bites their baby, ” said Mr. Murabayashi, but he wanted to give Caiman a chance.

Since then, it has never hurt anyone more. Murabayashi trusts her as much as she can to her, and even rides on top of Caiman.

Mr. Nobumitsu Murabayashi said that he was friendly with the crocodile through daily activities such as brushing his teeth. Increasingly “bored by his wife”, he spends most of his time loving his special pet.

Mr. Murabayashi is not a bit afraid to let pets come into contact with children.  Photo: Scott Swan.

Mr. Murabayashi is not a bit afraid to let pets come into contact with children. Image: Scott Swan.

At home, Caiman crawled around the room and soaked in the water bath. Occasionally, Mr. Murabayashi took him for a walk. The “giant” beast likes to be led to the local fountain. The boss has asked for a permit from the local government so he can take it wherever he wants, as long as he bears all responsibility.

“He patiently allowed us to film, take pictures from all angles. The crocodile was not wearing a muzzle, so I kept worrying if it would grab me or the photojournalist next to me. stay still, “Indianopolis correspondent Scott Swan wrote on Facebook in 2019, on the occasion of a report on Caiman.

Thanks to his unique pet, Mr. Murabayashi benefits from his real estate brokerage business. It helps the master to become a celebrity in Kure City. He has also appeared on television channels, local and international newspapers.

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