366,000 euros diverted: daycare manager financed the family’s luxury life

Braunschweig – She absolutely wanted to ensure the high standard of living of her family – so she shamelessly reached into the cash register of the Red Cross day care center!

In the trial before the Braunschweig regional court, ex-Kita boss Sabine W. (57) from Seesen (Goslar district) made a confession on Thursday.

According to the indictment, she had diverted around 366,000 euros from the daycare fund in almost 540 cases in five years. “The money was no longer enough,” said the defendant.

The Rotkreuz day care center in Seesen (Goslar district). For years, the manager plundered the institution’s accounts

Photo: Stefan Rampfel

When her husband lost his massage practice, the budget ran out. The two children should have been supported in their studies. With the fraudulent amounts, Sabine W. is said to have financed two cars and a holiday home in Denmark, as well as holidays on Mallorca and skiing trips.

Instead of tightening her belt, she created false invoices, withdrew money from the daycare account with her credit card and transferred it to her private account. After a complaint, city inspectors discovered the daycare manager’s trickery.

Sabine W. was fired, after the infidelity scandal became known, resigned from her position as CDU city association chief in Seesen and left the party. Now the house is to be sold in order to pay off the damage. Sabine W. in court: “I am glad that I no longer have to lie.”

Judgment expected in March.


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