365,000 euros damage! Injured !: Car transporter torched in the middle of the A6

The rescuers kept two violent accidents on Friday evening on the A6, near Mannheim-Rheinau, in suspense.

Around 7 p.m. the trailer of a car transporter caught fire due to a technical defect. The driver (51) was just heading towards Heilbronn. Shortly before the Mannheim / Schwetzingen junction, he noticed what had happened and stopped his Mercedes truck.

After a short time: full fire! The van was loaded with three high-quality, brand-new cars – total loss!

The total damage: around 300,000 euros. The motorway had to be closed in both directions due to the fire fighting and rescue work. The lane in the direction of Heilbronn was closed for about an hour. Four kilometers of traffic jam – and then the drama.

At around 9:30 p.m. there was a crash with two cars in the opposite direction, at the height of the rescue operations still taking place.

The 29-year-old driver of a Mercedes braked his car. The following, also 29-year-old Audi driver noticed this too late – and drove up without braking.

The Audi caught fire, but according to the police it could be extinguished quickly. The driver of the Mercedes and his 27-year-old co-driver were slightly injured. The Audi driver was seriously injured in a hospital.

For the duration of this accident recording, the A6 in the direction of Mannheim was then closed for around 90 minutes. The damage to property here: for the Mercedes around 50,000 euros, for the Audi to 15,000 euros.

Overall, the damage caused by the accidents amounts to around 365,000 euros.


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