35 years after the gruesome murder – trouble about the grave of the Weimar girls

Photo: © Peter Müller BILD, Peter Müller, action press

Philippsthal – They smile expectantly at the camera, hug each other. The sisters Melanie († 7) and Karola († 5) had their whole lives ahead of them. The first day of school, the first great love, their wedding.

But before life could really start, the girl was found lifeless on August 4, 1986 near her parents’ house in Röhrigshof (Hesse). Melanie and Karola had been cruelly suffocated and strangled.

It took three trials and 13 years to find her own mother Monika Weimar (63) guilty of murdering her girls. After 15 years in prison, the trained nursing assistant was released from the Frankfurt women’s prison in 2006 for good conduct.

Now, after 35 years, the last memory of the two girls who were never allowed to grow up would have disappeared forever.

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