33:29 home win: DHfK Leipzig beats Magdeburg in the East Derby | Regional

The DHfK Leipzig is the number 1 handball in the east! The Saxons won the Dery against SC Magdeburg with 33:29. What a crazy and awesome East Derby that was!

“A ride up and down the mountain for both teams,” commented Sky expert Stefan Kretzschmar on the first half of the East cracker.

Magdeburg got off to a better start and was 4-2 ahead after a goal from Damgaard (6th). Perhaps the result of the video message from Matthias Musche, who greeted his team from the hospital bed before kick-off (severe knee surgery).

Magdeburg star Damgaard, here in the duel against Leipzig’s Gebala, hardly got a chance at the derby

Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / dpa

But Leipzig struck back. A counterattack by Wiesmach gave the hosts the first lead (5: 4/9.). And that was continuously expanded because the SCM only achieved a throwing effectiveness of around 50 percent.

Coach Bennet Wiegert pleaded during the time-out: “We need more pull to the goal, no hasty throws.”

Nothing helped. After a hit from Remke, the DHfK were even four goals ahead (15: 11/22). Managing director Karsten Günther clenched his fists, drunk with joy …

At 16:14 we went into the cabins.

Magdeburg increased the attack, but still failed again and again because of the strong Joel Birlehm in the Leipziger Tor, who prevented the threatened equalization at 19:18 with four saves in a row. A classy derby with an enormous pace. Nine minutes before the final whistle, Leipzig was back with three goals (27:24).

Wiegert criticized in another break: “We keep coming back, but don’t manage to hit the next shot.”

That didn’t work until the final whistle. A lifter from Mamic put the brilliant finish in Leipzig. Managing director Günther heule happy tears.


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