3,316 people have already been vaccinated: More corona vaccination appointments in Saarland

Saarbrücken – From Monday (January 4th) new corona vaccination appointments can be made in Saarland. According to the Ministry of Health, around 180 vaccinations a day are planned until January 16.

On January 8th, Saarland should get more corona vaccine. From January 18, “around 580 additional vaccinations per day are planned in the vaccination centers.”

Goal: By the end of January, 8,700 additional vaccinations should be possible in the centers of the Saarland. According to Health Minister Monika Bachmann (CDU), they want to vaccinate “as quickly as possible, as many people as possible”.

The problem with this is that there is not yet enough vaccine in the country. Bachmann: “We are at the very beginning and ask for a little patience until we have the necessary number of vaccination doses to further increase the range. Further vaccination appointments will be activated continuously as soon as the required amount of vaccine is available. “

Saarland was the first federal state to activate a hotline for making appointments on December 24th. The first 12,000 appointments by the end of January were quickly gone. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 3316 people in Saarland have been vaccinated so far (as of January 2, 8 a.m.), 1294 of whom live in nursing homes.


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