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Green onions, if stored improperly, will quickly become waterlogged, lose their taste and cause waste.

Green onions are not only a spice but also have many health benefits because they contain many minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that help build strong bones, are good for the heart, eyes and immune system.

Because it is an important ingredient in cooking, many housewives want to store green onions for easier use.

Let’s refer to the three ways below to preserve green onions for a long time.

1. Put in the fridge

If scallions are placed directly in the refrigerator, they can only be stored for a week at most. If you mix green onions with other vegetables, their flavor and freshness will quickly lose.

It is recommended to use food wrap to preserve this ingredient. Divide green onions into small portions, enough for each use. Use sealed food wrap. Note that you should wrap your hands tightly, then put them in the refrigerator, where fresh vegetables are stored. Green onions preserved in this way can be used within a month without metamorphosis or yellowing.

Note that green onions should only be stored for up to four weeks, when taken out, they should be processed immediately.

2. Store in the freezer compartment

In addition to storing in the refrigerator, green onions can be stored in the freezer.

Step 1: Buy green onions to pick up the roots, remove the yellowed or crushed leaves.

Step 2: Rinse with water, about 2-3 times to remove all dirt and then drain (you can use a vegetable camera to clean the water when washing if available).

Step 3: Finely chop the onion according to the intended use. If making stir-fries, the onions can be cut into 3 cm lengths.

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Step 4: Freshly cut onions put in a plastic bag or storage box. Note that the plastic bag or container must be clean, dry and waterproof. Otherwise, onions are very easy to freeze into clumps.

Step 5: Pull out all the air in the bag, tie it tightly to avoid losing moisture of the onions, and also prevent the onions from coming out, affecting the refrigerator. The storage box must be tightly closed. Place the finished onion in the freezer compartment.

Step 6: When it needs to be processed, it can be taken out and used immediately and does not need to be defrosted first, so the onions will not be bruised.

To make it easier to use each time, you can divide green onions into many boxes or small plastic bags. When frozen, onions are difficult to remove, so do not store many green onions in a large box.

3. Aquatic method

If scallions have roots, continue to grow when purchased, can be grown aquatic.

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When the bottle of cooking oil is used up, cut off the top or any jar with a large mouth, rinse well. Pour about 3cm of water to cover the scallions roots. Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended to change the water regularly to keep the green onions fresh for a long time and continue to grow.

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