3 types of fathers that are difficult to teach their children to be human

If the father ignores the responsibility to the family, the child will surely grow up in insecurity, affecting his personality later.

Harvard University and Yale University (USA) conducted a 12-year study to answer the question: Who are parents, grandparents, who can help a child have a higher IQ as an adult?

The results show that children who are raised by their fathers tend to have higher IQs.

High IQ is reflected in children’s ability to express themselves, their independence and their ability to learn. Furthermore, a father’s influence on his children is far-reaching and long-lasting, so that children who are raised by fathers may be better able to socialize when they grow up.

The bad qualities of the father will hinder the growth of the child. Illustration: aboluowang.

The American documentary film “The biological meaning of fatherhood” shows the influence of fathers in the education and personality formation of children. The film emphasizes: “Father”” is not only a title, but also a great responsibility to a spouse and children.Fathers can bring a number of qualities such as strength, courage and determination. for the child; an indispensable person in the process of the child growing up.

But there will be fathers who hinder the development of children when negatively impacting and setting a bad example for their children. What kind of people are those?

Trick children about money

In many families, the father is the main breadwinner, while the mother is the housewife and takes care of the children. When the whole family relies on only one person to earn money, many fathers will feel that they have a high status, giving birth to a compulsion, everyone in the family must obey and follow all the rules set by them.

Sometimes children want to buy something, and their father scolds them: “All day long demanding, money can’t be made”. Such sentences will hurt the child’s self-esteem and create guilt. When they lose confidence, children are always afraid to do anything.

Such a father will make children feel that spending money is accepting alms, and if they do not listen to their father, they are certainly wrong.

In order for children to understand how hard it is to earn money, instead of accusing, parents should let children know where the money comes from and where it goes. In this way, children both understand the hard work and learn to appreciate the hard work of their parents. On the contrary, if the father is often nagging about money, no matter how good the mother is, it will be difficult for the child to become excellent.

Lazy man, patriarch

Despite modern society, many men still have the thought “Housework belongs to women”. Although both husband and wife go to work for 8 hours a day, when coming home, dad lies on the sofa watching TV or playing phone games, and mom after a tiring day because of work outside, now still has to cook and clean. clean, help children study.

The father in this situation is a bad example for his children. Looking at it, girls will think that housework is a woman’s responsibility and that women must sacrifice and give more. If you are a boy, you will think that as a man, you just need to make money, not do anything else.

Such children grow up very difficult to be happy if they enter into marriage. They do not know how to manage close relationships, do not know how to respect themselves and their partners.

Likes to scold others

Children are fragile and sensitive, they should only be treated with love, otherwise they always live in a state of panic, doubting everything around them. In addition, being scolded a lot when I was young, growing up, children are also very angry.

Another possibility is that when children experience acts of domestic violence, they become especially shy and incompetent. There are also children who develop a “pleasant personality” after experiencing violent behavior. They always keep themselves in a safe position, not angering others by trying to serve them.

Many people say that the mother has a great influence on a family, but in reality, both the father and the mother have the same influence. A good father or full of “negative energy” has a profound effect on a child’s life.

The role of a father is of great significance to a child’s growth. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you must try to make time to accompany your child to develop well both physically and mentally.

Vy Trang (According to aboluowang)


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