3 times of ‘taboo’ shaving

Beards are not suitable for most Asian men, so ‘handling’ them is a daily routine.

Although it has become a habit, many people think that shaving is always okay. But there are times when it is not advisable to shave.

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1. Before and after exercise

Do not shave before and after exercising or doing other heavy jobs with a lot of lips. The reason is that the motor process makes the body work with high intensity, blood circulation quickly, sweat glands are also stimulated to excrete. Sweat that contains many harmful bacteria will soak into the beard area and open wounds, easily cause inflammation, not beneficial to the skin. In addition, sweat absorbed into the open pores also causes a burning sensation like a needle.

If you have to work vigorously right after shaving, massage the skin for 20-30 minutes to tighten pores. Sweat, bacteria are therefore less likely to penetrate.

2. While showering

Instinctively, people want to clean all the parts of the body while bathing, so forming a shaving habit at this point. However this action is completely inappropriate.

The reason is that the temperature in the bathroom is high, the environment is relatively hot and humid, and bacteria are easy to multiply. If shaving at this time is creating conditions for impurities in the water, soap flows into the pores just shaved, causing skin irritation. Even if the shaving area is bleeding, open wounds are more likely to become infected. It is best to rest after bathing, to return the skin to its normal state, shaving will be safer.

3. Shave right after waking up

Night rest time, although people are in a state of rest, other organs in the body are still active. Facial skin also secretes a lot of mucus at this time, some people even drool while sleeping. This in turn stimulates the growth of bacteria. Moreover, when waking up, the body is relatively dehydrated, the skin is usually in a dry state, at this time, if shaving the skin, it is easy to get acne.

So do not shave right after waking up, instead wash your face first, then shave. This can prevent a large number of bacteria from entering the hair follicles and reduce the chance of facial skin scratches.

Vy Trang (According to the aboluowang)


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