3 things to overcome to become an adult

Maturity is a compulsory “course” for all, so some finish early and some finish late.

Most adults actually live very innocently. They are always calm, their hearts not bothered or anxious, panicked like many people. As an adult, their life has turned a new page.

Here are three traits that are not found in true adults.

Fear of losing face

A person’s success starts with accepting “face loss”. People with real power don’t care about face.

Not long ago, China’s vice president of Suning, selling underwear to his friends, became a hot search on social networking site Weibo. Many people questioned, why would a vice president sell such delicate products.

In early 2020, the Covid-19 boom caused the Chinese retail industry to suffer heavily and the retail giant Suning fell into the same crisis spiral. However, the leaders of this group are not sitting still and have launched a new sales model for all employees. Many people who are pressed into sales feel uncomfortable, even lose face.

“The corporate life is a top priority right now. For the company to survive, making money should be of the utmost importance,” said the vice president.

Also according to this “Shameless to survive and make progress”. When using the money earned to find face again, that time was successful. When using face to make money, then someone has a voice. “Raising an eyebrow is a kind of ability, but lowering it is a type of courage,” he said.

Hong Kong billionaire Ly Gia Thanh once said that incompetent people care about their physicality the most, hide their true feelings to get the satisfaction of people stronger than themselves. Image: kknews.

But in life many people do not do this. Because of the so-called face, they borrow money to buy an iPhone that doesn’t suit their capabilities. Because of the so-called dignity, they ask their parents for money over and over to invite friends to eat and drink, hoping to receive praise. Because of their dignity, they are willing to borrow money to buy a luxury car, just because of the BMW logo on it …

Hong Kong billionaire Ly Gia Thanh once said that incompetent people care about their physicality the most, hide their true feelings to get the satisfaction of people stronger than themselves. Only people with enough capacity can speak frankly, point out right and wrong and dare to do what they want despite public criticism.

Many people believe that dignity is gifted by others, but in fact, dignity is created by themselves. When you know how to put your face aside, a decent life begins. Dignity is only a small matter, growth is a big problem. When you know to give up dignity to make money, then you understand.

Can’t control your emotions

Impatience, impatience are everyone’s instincts, but controlling short-tempered temper is a person’s greatest ability. A person who can control his temper is able to take control of his or her life.

In the drama “Round of Happiness”, people have a deep impression of the character To Minh Ngoc. Fate gave her the worst “one card” but she played better than anyone else. I was born in a patriarchal family with respect for men and women. Her brother is pampered for everything but she has to bear the warmth that according to her father “Being a girl must bear”. When his brother studied abroad in America, To’s parents were willing to sell their house to pay tuition. While she was admitted to Tsinghua University, because she did not want to spend money, her mother allowed her to attend a normal university but was exempt from tuition. In her family, Tô was like an outsider, to the point that she couldn’t stand it so she left home, relying on her own efforts. Unexpectedly, after many years, To became the CEO of a company.

It is not difficult to see the “mystery” in this girl’s personality. Although most of the things she encounters in life are complicated and dexterous mess, Tô never shows panic or agitation. What she demonstrates are the qualities a successful person must have – the ability to resist the interference of irrelevant emotions and the determination to focus all her energies on achieving her goals.

Character Tô Minh Ngọc of the movie The rotation of happiness.  Photo: kknews.

Character To Minh Ngoc of the movie “The rotation of happiness”. Image: kknews.

When facing difficulties, the grumpy person first thinks about criticizing others, while the grumpy person thinks about solving the problem. The English literary commentator John Milton once said: “If a man can control his passions, worries and fears, he is better than the king.” A person who can control his emotions will not be affected by any outside influences and can pursue his ideal without being distracted.

Reliance on others

French writer Victor Hugo once said: “I would rather rely on my strength to expand the future than seek the grace of the powerful”. Things that are not yours, though trying to win them, have no lasting value. When doing anything difficult, must try to conquer, do not be attracted by the easy things, because things are always won too easily, which are also unsustainable and lasting.

Shakespeare was born into a wealthy family in England. At the age of 13, he quit school to help his father run the business, and at 16 he went out alone to make a living. He worked in theaters, watched horses for theaters, apprentice in slaughterhouses, was a soldier and a lawyer … To survive, he traveled across the oceans to Holland and Italy. His experience laid a solid foundation for him to produce a large number of famous plays such as “Romeo and Juliet” or “Hamlet”.

“Perhaps, the independent process would be painful, but always relying on others, ultimately only physically and mentally exhausted,” Shakespeare said.

Everyone’s life then has to go alone, no one can accompany forever. So, instead of relying on others, rely on yourself. Based on the mountains that will fall, people who will run, living in the world must always remember themselves is the most solid support: Do not rely on you to lose everything!

It takes a child 3 years to learn to walk and speak, and spend the rest of his life learning to mature. Presently, we are not good, not strong enough, immature, but can learn from our enemies, friends and everyone around us. In the process, many will find innocence in the ups and downs.

Vy Trang (According to the sohu)


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