3 things couples should do together before getting married

Before getting married, to see if the other’s thoughts and lifestyle are suitable, couples should do the following 3 things together.

However, there is no way to predict whether a marriage will last or not. But with these tips, at this point, you can see a few small problems before deciding to commit your life to someone.

1. Go to the supermarket together

In fact, there are many potential conflicts in the supermarket visits of couples in love.

When a person goes to the supermarket, they will choose what they like, but there are differences between men and women. For example, women may like yogurt, men may like alcohol, women may like brown rice to lose weight, but men may like to eat white rice…

When buying, it is impossible to divide interests as well as clearly all “you buy yours, I buy mine”. This is the time to really test the hearts of lovers. The “supermarket test” is an indicator of communication and tolerance with the other party.

If two people have a high communication index, they can choose the things that best suit each other’s common interests through consultation, so there will be no disagreements when shopping. On the contrary, if the tolerance is low, a person is willing to give up the things they like and prioritize the needs of the other, even if the difference is reduced, they will not be comfortable.

If the other party insists on his preferences, refusing to give in, then you should review the relationship between the two. Will I be able to endure it forever when both of them go to the same house?

2. Cooking together

Cooking together is the best way to reflect the future life of couples. Family life will mostly involve firewood, rice, oil, salt and fish sauce… things that are trifling but have to be faced every day.

When two people cook together, the main test is the division of labor and cooperation when both do the same thing. Whether the other party actively shares the burden, and whether the two work well together, is clear through this challenge.

Even if it’s only for a few dozen minutes or an hour, these small details can reflect how the two of you will live together in the future. After all, life is not a simple matter of two people sharing the same bed, sharing the same dining table, every little thing needs the cooperation of both. If two people are not divided properly, cooking and taking care of the family are all undertaken by one person, they will be very tired.

Housework can spark a fight if one of you is overwhelmed with everything. To keep the house peaceful, it is best to clearly divide the work.

Cooking together is the best way to reflect the future life of couples. Artwork: shutterstock

3. Study together

Everyone understands, learning is a long process, requiring patience. When two people are together, if one is eager to learn, will motivate the other to a certain extent, and vice versa.

Two people living together, it is important that both of them have the same determination and direction. If one moves forward, one is left behind, happiness is fragile. Two people studying together will regularly supervise and encourage each other, not letting laziness affect the other’s work efficiency.

Therefore, learning together and helping each other to progress is very important. One side pulls the other, as long as two people can support each other to complete one job well. There are many ways to study together, such as taking the master’s or doctoral exam together, or taking the civil service exam or studying English, striving for a certain certificate…

However, love is the final factor that determines whether the two can come together or not. If they love each other enough, both will learn to gradually change themselves to fit the other. But if the love is not strong enough, no matter how small the external influences, it can separate the couple.

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