3: League: Only 1: 1 against Uerdingen! So the FCM remains relegation candidate

Is that really supposed to have been the signal against relegation that 1. FC Magdeburg had promised?

At the restart after Corona quarantine, the bottom of the table only got 1: 1 (1: 0) against Uerdingen.

What a bloodless grotto kick! The FCM has no real chance of scoring for 90 minutes. But still happily takes the lead in the 42nd minute. Uerdingen keeper Hidde cuts a very bad figure with Bertram’s 22-meter free kick, reaching into the void.

Despite the deficit, the guest remains the dominant team. And gets support from Magdeburg’s worst man on the pitch. Sirlord Conteh can be eaten in the FCM penalty area without resistance from Fechner – his flank can only fend off defense boss Müller to 1: 1 (55th) into his own goal.

The bare facts: Nothing has improved at FCM. So he remains relegation candidate number 1!

The signs before the game started pointed in a different direction. 60 minutes before kick-off, the club announced their third offensive reinforcement with Nico Granatowski (29, VfL Osnabrück). But neither he, nor Baris Atik (25) or Saliou Sanè (28, 69th substitution for Beck) were in the starting line-up. But Conteh was allowed to play 90 minutes.

Coach Thomas Hoßmang (53) and the new sports director Otmar Schork (63) under pressure. Other solutions must be found by Tuesday for the Saarbrücken game (7 p.m.).


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