2nd place after Berlin: Corona puzzle from Delmenhorst

Delmenhorst (Lower Saxony) – City church, park with water fountain and a pretty shopping street. Delmenhorst, the ninth largest city in Lower Saxony, has a lot of lovely things.

78,000 people now live in fear. 112 people infected with corona, 427 people in quarantine, there were four deaths. Measured against the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, only Berlin reports more corona patients!

Why is the virus particularly rampant there?

The city: at a loss. Corona crisis team leader Rudolf Mattern: “There is no evidence of so-called hotspots such as large celebrations.”

Friends of Meral (39) and Mehmet (43) have Corona: “They came from a party in Bremen”Photo: Verena Hornung

Elona and girlfriend Domaj (both 30) think they know: “The virus spread at lightning speed in school. It’s bad! ”Now the mothers fear that even the little ones will have to wear masks in class after the holidays. “Inhuman!”

Retiree Renate (76) doesn’t know what happened either, but is annoyed by the development: “Everything is not what it used to be. I only walk around town wearing a face mask … “

“We will follow every lead and research it very carefully,” promises Mayor Axel Jahnz (63, SPD). Additional employees have been brought to the health department for this purpose.

Rohrbauer Dirk Siegburg (23) no longer goes to parties:

Rohrbauer Dirk Siegburg (23) no longer goes to parties: “Better safe than sorry!”Photo: Verena Hornung

“It is clear why the virus is so widespread here,” says Meral (39) in passing. “There was a wedding in Bremen three weeks ago. Many Delmenhorsters were there, including some of my friends – all Corona! “

The football league club SV Atlas Delmenhorst continues to train hard. Spokesman Tino Polster: “Of course we adhere to all Corona requirements!”


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