2,700 children benefit from the project “Building bridges to class”

Five bridges in Vinh Long, Tien Giang and Ha Giang, built by Grab through the Vietnam Children Fund, have helped 2,700 children go to class.

Participating in the preliminary workshop of the project “Building a bridge to class” on December 15, the Grab representative said that among the five bridges being put into use, there are two bridges in Vinh Long, two in Ha Giang and one in bridge in Tien Giang.

The project “Building bridges to class” has been implemented since May 2019, creating favorable conditions for children to go to class safer, as well as meeting the travel needs of local people, especially in the rainy season. , flood. Grab and the community have joined hands to contribute through the Vietnam Children Fund with a total budget of 4.66 billion VND in the first year.

The bridge of people living in Vinh Long, built by Grab, helps children go to class more safely. Photo: Grab Vietnam.

According to an independent surveying unit, the bridge construction site is appropriate, the people respond positively, enthusiastically participate in the construction, without affecting the flow. The bridge was built in Nam Ty commune, Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang to help children save 1.5 hours each time to class, ensuring safety in the rainy season.

Before the bridges were built, the roads across rivers and streams were not safe for children and people, and accidents often happened, especially in the rainy season in Vinh Long, Ha Giang. The representative of the survey unit said: “When we interviewed students in Tan Lap and Nam Ty communes, Ha Giang, they learned that when they went to school they did not dare to go through the stream alone because they were afraid of the water being washed away. Children often fall wet, drifting slippers, book bags. When it rains, children have to quit school. With a new bridge, the way to go to school will be less difficult.

Children rejoiced on the inauguration day of the bridge in Ha Giang.  Photo: Grab Vietnam.

Children rejoiced on the inauguration day of the bridge in Ha Giang. Photo: Grab Vietnam.

“Grab has surveyed and explored the lives of children and people to build five bridges to meet communication needs in three localities, connecting thousands of children to the road, hundreds of thousands of people. across rivers and streams to trade and live activities, “said Ms. Dang Thi Thuy Trang, Director of Foreign Affairs of Grab Vietnam.

Assessing the project’s activities, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, shared: “Bridges built in remote rural areas not only help students to go to school safely. It also helps people to travel, trade, do business, stabilize their lives Many households are willing to donate land as a road, contribute to building more spacious bridges Five bridges bring the beautiful image of Grab Hope that the enterprise will continue to accompany the Vietnam Child Protection Fund to contribute many meaningful activities to the society “.

In the next year, the project “Building bridges to class” will support the construction of three traffic bridges in some remote areas, in remote and difficult areas with a budget of about 3 billion VND. The project is part of the roadmap to implement the “Grab for the Community” mission that Grab has committed in Vietnam. Through technology, Grab will contribute to improving the quality of life of people, promoting economic development.

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