250 officers search 52 apartments: large-scale raid against child molesters

Wiesbaden – Strike against child molesters in Hesse! Around 250 officers searched the homes of 52 suspects across the country last week. The investigators secured 1247 data carriers. 24 interrogations were carried out.

In one case, a young woman reported her father for finding child pornography photos on his cell phone. In another case, a cell phone was found in a meadow while mowing in the district of Gießen. While reading out the police discovered a child pornographic video. The officers secured several data carriers in his apartment – custody. The public prosecutor in Giessen has already brought charges of serious sexual abuse of children in the production of child pornography.

In Hesse, the BAO FOKUS (special organizational structure against child pornography and sexual abuse of children) has been hunting child molesters since October 2020. In the past year, the investigators counted 904 cases of sexual abuse of children and 72 cases of sexual abuse of adolescents. In addition: 1692 cases of possession, acquisition and distribution of child or youth pornography.

Anonymous and free advice offers

You suspect that a child is abused or abused in your environment? Have you seen something that worries you? Then you can (anonymously) contact the “Sexual Abuse Help Line”: 0800 22 55 530.

Children and adolescentsThose who have experienced abuse receive support from Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 8 pm on the “number against Kummer” 116 111 support. You can also chat with the advisors on the website.

Anyone who has the feeling that they have pedophile tendencies will find a contact person in the “Don’t become a perpetrator” project at the Berlin Charité. On the Website and on 030 450 529 450 there is free information. Medical confidentiality applies.


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