200 Tet gifts for students in Vung Tau

BA Ria Vung Tau200 students with difficult families in Hoa Hiep commune, Xuyen Moc district received Tet gifts given by Bibica on the morning of January 30.

On January 30, at the Cultural House of Phu Tai Hamlet, Hoa Hiep Commune, Xuyen Moc District, the representative of Bibica Joint Stock Company presented gifts to disadvantaged students in the most remote locality of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. . This is an annual activity of Bibica every spring with the desire to share love, bring Tet to every family, especially children in difficult circumstances.

Accordingly, 200 preschool and primary school children received gifts worth about 200,000 VND including candy, water bottles. Also within the framework of the program, the students also received gifts including cash and in kind given by a business in the province.

Mr. Pham Huy Trung, Quality Director of Bibica Joint Stock Company gave gifts to poor students in Hoa Hiep commune, Xuyen Moc district. Image: Truong Ha.

The 9-year-old Pham Van Duy, who is in 3rd grade at Hoa Hiep Primary School, wears slippers, shorts, and an old frayed T-shirt to cherish each item in a red gift bag and said, “This Tet we have candy. delicious, with a water bottle to go to school every day, I really like it. Thank you very much.

On January 30, Vu’s parents went to collect pepper for rent, so her grandmother Huynh Thi Hanh (60 years old) took her gifts. Sitting next to her, Ms. Hanh said, Duy’s parents did not have any land or garden. The couple “who hires something to do it”, making meals make life very difficult. The gift, she said, is very meaningful to those who “eat today and take care of tomorrow” like her son’s family.

Mr. Nguyen The Vu (45 years old) drives an old motorbike to bring his son from kindergarten to wait very early to receive gifts. He said, the family is all about the salary of “working as a collider”. “With this Tet gift, the family feels warm at the shared concern of the sponsors and the local authorities,” said Mr. Vu.

Mr. Nguyen The Vu and his son have just received Tet gifts from Bibica.  Photo: Truong Ha.

Mr. Nguyen The Vu and his son have just received Tet gifts from Bibica. Image: Truong Ha.

Hoa Hiep commune is a large locality with nearly 25,000 people. The people mainly work in agriculture, growing pepper, cashew and rubber. In the past few years, the prices of these plants have dropped deeply, making life difficult for many people. Currently, the commune has about 5% of poor and difficult households.

Deputy Secretary of the Hoa Hiep Commune Party Committee, Mr. Phan Tan Dien sent his gratitude to the donors to join hands, support the locality to take care of poor students to reduce disadvantages, families increase the happiness. seems when Tet is approaching.

Mr. Pham Huy Trung, Quality Director of Bibica Joint Stock Company, said that this year’s “Tet of Love” program gave 12,000 gifts to children in difficult circumstances in 54 provinces, in order to bring the atmosphere. The spring is warm, encouraging them to make more efforts in studying and confidently step into life.

Over the years, Bibica has many volunteer programs, accompanying the community such as Love Spring, Support to school, Mid-Autumn Festival …

Truong Ha


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