2 Vietnamese boxers Thanh Le – Martin Nguyen Dai Chien, McGregor is about to return to UFC?

Friday 30/10/2020 10:06 AM (GMT + 7)

(Martial arts news, martial arts news) Thanh Le said he had a strategy to defeat Martin Nguyen and could end the match before the fifth half.

In what half does Thành Lê want to defeat Martin Nguyen?

The MMA world feather championship match between Martin Nguyen and Thanh Le will take place on the evening of October 30 at ONE: Inside The Matrix event in Singapore. This is a very worthwhile competition between two talented Vietnamese-born boxers, one holding two championships at the same time and the other being a Taekwondo master, once crowned famous tournaments in the US.

The battle against Martin Nguyen – Thanh Le will take place on October 30

Although Martin Nguyen holds the title and has received favor from people in the martial arts world when making his prediction before the game, Thanh Le did not show concern when he said he believed in his ability to defeat the opponent. . Thanh Le even said that he thought he could beat Martin Nguyen before the match took place all 5 innings.

“My strategy will not be to find holes in Martin’s fighting style. Instead, I will focus on what I can do better than Martin, looking for advantage in the game. Martin may be the strongest opponent I have to face, but the opponents that I have overcome are also not mediocre, ”Thanh Le said.

“I’m going to make Martin impatient by giving him a leading edge. Martin will know that he can’t stand and strike because that would lose points, and he will try to fall over me to use the lock. That will be when I finish the game, and I believe I can beat Martin in the fourth half.

Tony Ferguson: “Khabib will return”

Khabib Nurmagomedov said goodbye to MMA after winning UFC 254 because he had to live in his sad days after his father’s death. However, Tony Ferguson believes that Khabib will one day return to the ring, and at the same time say quite bitter words about opponents that he has not had the opportunity to encounter.

“That Dagestan man ran away, vanishing by sunset. I have advice for him, take care of his family, and when he comes back I’ll be ready and waiting. I can’t wait to fight Khabib and hope he won’t run away like Conor McGregor does. I know he’s coming back to the UFC, ”said Ferguson.

UFC 254 not too popular, McGregor is about to return?

Sports business magazine Sports Business Journal recently revealed the number of purchases viewed via UFC 254, the number reaching 675,000, of which about 500,000 come in the United States.

2 Vietnamese boxers Thanh Le - Martin Nguyen Dai Chien, McGregor is about to return to UFC?  - 2

The Battle of Khabib – Gaethje did not help UFC 254 generate huge revenue as expected

Although UFC president Dana White predicted UFC 254 will have the largest purchasing power in UFC history and surpassed the Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor match, the actual number was unsatisfactory and even ranked 5th. on the list of events UFC organized in 2020 (UFC 251 collected 1.3 million purchases).

The reason is attributed to the UFC 254 happening at the same time as the college rugby season in the US, causing the viewership to be shared. Overall, this is still a profitable event and does better than experts expect, but it will put Dana White under pressure to convince McGregor to return.

Khabib broke his leg and still had a knock-out attack, revealing the situation of

(Sports news, martial arts news) “Eagle” Khabib suffered a serious injury before the recent match but still …


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