2.2 per mille – No driver’s license – “Drunk raced my Gülhan dead”

Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein) – “This is a good warning for all drunk speeders,” says Halis Boyraz (59).

He mourns his daughter Gülhan Abaci (30) – and is happy that the dead man has to go to prison for three years.

Father Halis Boyraz (59)Photo: Olaf Malzahn

That was decided on Thursday by the Lübeck district court. The defendant, Niels K. (35), looked surprised.

Just why?

With his BMW he thundered in April 2018 with 2.2 per mille in his blood and almost 90 km / h too much (210 instead of 120 km / h) on the speedometer on the A1 towards Hamburg – and crashed into the Smart from Foto-Model Gulhan. She was dead instantly.

Convicted of negligent homicide and willful endangerment of road traffic: Niels K. (35)

Niels K. (35)Photo: Stefan Hesse

The charge: negligent homicide and willful endangerment of road traffic.

The fact is: K. had already lost his driver’s license in 2012 – because of drinking and driving! Shortly before the accident, he had gone through rehab.

The judge: “That was not a momentary failure, it was almost an intentional homicide.”

Co-plaintiff Halis Boyraz is happy with the verdict, but he still misses his daughter infinitely: “I always dream of her. I don’t want to sleep anymore. “


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