2: 2 in the city duel in 1860 against Türkgücü – Mölders frustration after losing points

When joy is followed by total frustration.

This derby had everything a heated football game needs – just no winner!

The 2: 2 (1: 1) of the first third division derby in history between 1860 Munich and Türkgücü (march from the state league since 2017) had plenty of fuel, four goals, one red card and nine yellow cards.

The Löwen quickly led through youngster Fabian Greillinger (19) with 1-0 (22nd). But the top scorer in the third division, Petar Slokovic, scored 1-1 just three minutes later. Freezing temperatures in the stands in the Grünwalder Stadium, it was getting hotter on the pitch. Shortly before the break, referee Patrick Hanslbauer denied the lions a hand penalty.

Immediately after the restart (49th), striker Sascha Mölders exploded: Submission Phillipp Steinhart, the ex-Bundesliga star prevailed against his best friend Aaron Berzel (since summer with city rivals), header, 2-1.

The lions in luck, but the jubilation was followed by mega frustration!

Dennis Dressel sees red after a foul against Erhardt (59th) – a tough decision. And the newcomer plays the majority, again it is Sliskovic who equalizes for the second time (70).

Ultimately, the Lions save the draw over time.

A used day for Mölders. Because: His daughter Joy is celebrating her 12th birthday – and due to the Corona restrictions, she couldn’t be with her father in the stadium as usual.

Mölders frustration after losing points!

“We really wanted to win and take the lead twice. And then Dressel flies. I think it’s very brave to give a red card at the center line, ”says Mölders at Magenta TV.

And leather: “I’m pissed off and completely satisfied with the point. At least I can give my daughter the gate for her birthday. ”


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