19% of the unemployed saw their state of health deteriorate during the Covid crisis

The health of the unemployed deteriorated more during the Covid crisis than that of employed people, reveals a survey published on Wednesday April 7 by the association Solidarités nouvelles face au unemployment (SNC).

According to the association’s 2021 barometer on the impact of unemployment, 19% of job seekers would say that their state of health has, in general, deteriorated since the start of the Covid crisis, against 13% of people employed.

The French widely prefer a right to a green job to a universal income

Among these people, 46% say they have encountered problems such as depression and psychological impacts. In total, 31% of job seekers said they had health problems before the onset of the health crisis, compared to 17% of those in employment.

62% of French people have experienced unemployment

The survey also reveals that 62% of working French people have already experienced unemployment. For 38% of them, it goes back less than three years, for 30% between three and ten years and for 32% more than ten years.

Asked about the reform of unemployment insurance, respondents say they are in favor of the introduction of a bonus-malus for employers in order to encourage them to use short contracts less often (67% overall, 60% among those looking for work, 66% among those on fixed-term contracts or on a temporary basis).

The unemployed could lose up to 250 euros per month with the reform, according to Unédic

Likewise, 57% of those questioned are in favor of declining unemployment benefit for people under the age of 57 who have earned more than 4,500 euros gross per month. This rate is 53% among people on fixed-term contracts, temporary workers or looking for work.

On the other hand, 55% of the people questioned are opposed to a modification of the minimum duration of affiliation. The rate rises to 63% among those looking for work.

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