1860 striker Sascha Mölders – “If I were a leek …”

Sascha Mölders (35) leads the top scorer list in the 3rd division with 13 hits. In the big interview in SPORT BILD, the cult lion (103 Bundesliga games) talks about …

… the changing times: “Times have changed, everything was different in the past. The pace in the field. All the trappings. I come from another time. The discipline among younger players has changed. The hardness. The boys have become much softer. “

… the social media world: “Photos are taken from the cabin! That doesn’t go into my head. You won’t believe how often I tell young players: Put that thing away and see what’s going on in the real world! “

… professionals who have hairdressers fly in: “My son Noah is currently cutting my hair, nice and short with the machine. There is no other way during the lockdown, at least if you stick to the regulations. I do believe that a lot of players cut their own hair. When I go to the hairdresser, I have my beard trimmed too. In the end I pay a good 15 euros. “

Son Noah does the house hairdresser for Sascha Mölders Photo: private

… the Grünwald stadium: “Games in Grünwalder are football for romantics. You come out of the players tunnel, smell bratwurst and beer, it smells of sweat and honest football. For me the Grünwalder is a temple. “

… the possible advancement: “I’m 35 years old, I don’t have forever. If we are still on top after matchday 30, we want to go up! “

… his contract, which expires in the summer: “Quitting without fans, that doesn’t work at all. Playing at the moment is not normal football, as more people used to watch in the district league. I certainly want to play in front of fans again. If I have to, I’ll still play at 38. “

… his fitness secret: “I sleep a lot, go to bed relatively early. Sometimes my eyes close during “good times, bad times”. “

… Corona effects on popular sport: “It is an absolute disaster for amateur football. After the first lockdown, I had already seen that the kids sometimes had four or five kilos too much on their ribs. Because they simply cannot do anything. “

… its optimal weight: “I weigh around 88 kilos. What is optimal weight? I need mass for the way I play. If I were a leek, it wouldn’t work. Then my opponents would just push me away. I wouldn’t want to weigh ten kilos less. “


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