168 percent more! : The day care center is too expensive for our jobs!

168 percent more!

The daycare is too expensive for

Olching – The brothers Jacob (2) and Joshua (4) like to play in childcare, run around with their friends, do handicrafts and paint. That could soon be over because mom can no longer afford the day care center.

From September, the fees for kindergarten, after-school care and crèche in Olching are to increase – by up to 168 percent! This is what it says in the city’s “recalculation of day-care center fees”. The fees have not yet been decided.

“Currently I pay 550 euros per month for the care of my sons, if the fee increases it will be around 1200 euros. Almost my entire salary would then go towards daycare fees,” says Josefine Vogel (32). The mother would then quit her job in a bakery and take the kids out of care.

Triple mother Elena Breitner (36) is also shocked by the planned fee hammer. “Especially the early childhood education and social contacts are groundbreaking for the further development of our children in the first years. This generation of children is already experiencing many cuts due to the corona virus. Daycare shouldn’t just be a luxury for the rich!” demands Breitner. She is the first chairwoman of the parents’ council and founded the petition “NO to the drastic increase in KITA fees in Olching” – more than 3,000 signatures so far.

The siblings Katharina (9), Maximilian (5) and Alexander (3). The boys go to day care and want to stay there

Photo: Robert Gongoll

Elementary school teacher Jennifer Hansen (39) earns 1500 euros part-time.  She currently pays 488 euros for her three kids, from September it would be around 1000 euros.

Elementary school teacher Jennifer Hansen (39) earns 1500 euros part-time. She currently pays 488 euros for her three kids, from September it would be around 1000 euros. “I don’t know if I would then continue to work as a teacher”

Photo: Robert Gongoll

Nanny Ulrike (46) also signed. If there was an increase in fees, her salary would remain the same. Two of their three children are still in daycare. “If the city enforces the recalculation, I would have to quit my job and look after my kids at home.” The daycare fees would eat up 75 percent of their salary. “Then I would have to file for unemployment. We would have to sell our car again, no vacation, no activities. I hope that I’ll just be able to pay the rent by then,” says the nanny.

In the letter from Mayor Andreas Magg (44, SPD) to the chairmen of the parents’ council of the childcare facilities in the city of Olching on December 9th, it says: “The city committees and I are of course aware that this fee development is likely to be difficult for parents to understand.”

This is probably due to the election promises made by the SPD in the Olching local elections in 2020. The SPD election program says: “Together really strong for needs-based daycare; a responsible and moderate fee structure for all municipal and non-profit day-care centers from crèches to after-school care centers. The SPD is calling for a real fee-free system for day-care centers and education.”

When asked by BILD, Mayor Magg said: “There is no agreed increase and no plan of this magnitude. Neither from me nor from the city council, which is responsible for it. It was merely a representation of the actual cost situation according to the new calculation. This has been clarified again in corresponding rounds of talks with parents’ representatives and has also been understood as such. There will be a solution that is acceptable to all sides.” The city council wants to discuss the fees in February or March.


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