150,000 shops will close, the cost of aid increases to 11 billion euros per month

The extension of business closures to the whole of the territory will increase the number of closed establishments from 90,000 to 150,000, while the total cost of aid and compensation for businesses increases to 11 billion euros per month, the Ministry of the Economy said on Wednesday.

“And me, I am asked to close …”: Isabelle, shopkeeper, becomes more angry

This sum includes the total cost of the solidarity fund, partial unemployment for the State and exemptions from social contributions, including for establishments which remain open but are strongly impacted by the crisis.

Clear stocks

The government has repeatedly adjusted the system of partial compensation for loss of turnover by the solidarity fund, and this year added partial coverage of fixed costs.

The government is also considering the possibility of allowing traders to liquidate their stocks outside the sales period and financial compensation for unsold stocks.

Mafias, fraudsters, opportunistic companies… Who are the “profiteers” of partial unemployment?

Partial activity allows the employee who is not working to receive 84% of his net salary, the employer having a remaining charge of 15%, except in the sectors most affected by the crisis.

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