14 ways to get motivated to run

Ask yourself if running is what you want and ignite the motivation for this sport.

Inactive people often have many excuses for their actions. But it’s important that you provide rebuttals to show that the reasons given are just an excuse for inertia.

In fact, motivation often precedes action. Therefore, if you want to promote a healthy, healthy running habit, try applying these 14 ways to boost motivation right below.

Create competition: Find people who share the same hobby of running, in order to create friendly competition is what you should do. When there is competition, the will and determination to practice changes. In addition, the practitioner should set up a running group to maintain the speed, make a running time chart, and a training plan to improve the level of training.

Set goals and reward yourself: Instead of being satisfied with what you can do, the practitioner should upgrade the difficulty over time such as extending the number of hours of running, the number of kilometers run… This is a way to motivate you to run effectively.

Along with training, to encourage yourself to do a great job, you can reward yourself with practical gifts such as allowing yourself to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes or seek massage services. Even getting a tattoo or doing something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Running helps improve health, improve mood effectively. Illustration: Verywell

Reduce exercise time: There will be days when you are tired and don’t want to do anything. But instead of completely stopping activity, exercise gently by walking, running slowly. Absolutely do not let stagnation invade.

Understanding running helps maintain a healthy weight: Jogging burns calories, reduces belly fat, improves health effectively. The application of diet and exercise helps the practitioner to lose weight or maintain the desired weight.

Join running groups: Single activity in the long run will make you depressed, want to give up. Participating in running groups helps increase excitement and motivates activities to become more frequent.

Increase happiness: Jogging improves mood, enhances positive emotions, euphoria when the body is active and releases endorphins – one of the happy hormones.

Wear good workout clothes: Choosing beautiful, tailored clothes before a workout can have a positive impact on your self-perception, making you more interested in running. Do not spend too much money on clothes and training shoes, but know how to pamper yourself to a certain extent.

Let music boost emotions: Choosing upbeat songs helps the practitioner to be in a happy mood, inspires, and encourages movement. Music not only relieves stress, but also motivates physical activity.

Music helps evoke emotions, effectively motivates with movement exercises.  Artwork: Martinan - stock.adobe

Music helps evoke emotions, creating effective motivation for physical training activities. Illustration: Martinan – stock.adobe

Monitor exercise intensity through health apps: Practitioners should establish workout routines and set goals through fitness apps. Setting reminders and goals to complete during the day will help you increase your mobility.

Try changing the run location: Instead of just running in the park, you can challenge yourself with suburban runs, running in the hills when you have time, to create excitement.

A small tip for you is to run on flat dirt roads instead of running on sidewalks, rough roads create discomfort and cause unnecessary injuries.

Get exposed to the sun, connect with nature: Jogging is a great way to soak up sunlight. Increase levels of serotonin release, improve mood, reduce persistent depression and anxiety.

In particular, being able to breathe fresh air, surrounded by trees, lakes, and even mountains helps to refresh the spirit, instead of always being confined in an office environment.

Self-selection of running speed: No one but yourself can answer the question “what speed is appropriate”. Many people force themselves to run really fast or really slow, but running simply improves health, improves mood. So choose the level of running that best suits your condition.

Enjoy the quiet, fresh air while jogging: This helps the body feel relaxed, increase productivity and focus all day long.

Try signing up for a marathon: Sign up for a marathon at least five months in advance if you want to run, instead of making a hasty decision. During this time, fully prepare both mentally and physically for the races. Even invite more friends to create motivation to run. However, participants need to make sure they understand the rules and regulations.

If the reasons above aren’t motivating enough to run, you can contact a trainer or join a running group in your area. Find out the goal, the motivation to do it, and the commitment to accomplish the goal. This is also the time to put on your shoes and start trying out running.

Minh Phuong (According to Healthline)


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