11/20 greetings sent in wall paintings

The calligraphy letter with the message “Gratitude”, “An Professor” is suitable as a gift for teachers on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day.

The products are on sale on the VnExpress Shop with preferential prices, you can refer to choose as gifts to send to teachers on 11/20.

The calligraphy painting Grateful as words to say, expressing deep gratitude to the boatmen carrying generations of students to the knowledge shores. Handmade paintings on the metal base, gilded letters with the style of writing in the right way, from the original price of 4.5 million dong to 3,825 million dong

Presenting greetings on November 20th in the mural - 4

Gold-plated An Su word painting has the original cost of VND 3 million, reduced to VND 2.55 million. “Grateful” means “grace of the teacher”. The highlight of the painting is the shade of pine trees representing longevity and gas.

Presenting greetings on 11/20 in the mural - 2

The size of 20 cm gold-plated lotus flower. The lotus flower represents elegance, purity and fragrance and is shown delicately in the gilded painting. The gold-plated painting is coated with glue to protect and help the surface of the gold layer to avoid any external impacts. Products with original price of 4 million dong reduced to 2.55 million dong.

You can also choose nature-themed paintings, making the living space more fresh to give to teachers, with the samples below.

Presenting greetings on November 20th in the mural - 6

A four-quarter spring painting watch model costs 699,000 VND, including 4 mosaic pictures of 30 x 60 cm size made of MDF wood covered with anti-fading silk film.

Presenting greetings on November 20th in the mural - 8

Scanvadian-style mirror-coated wall painting, original price of 1.1 million dong, reduced to 580,000 dong. The paintings have elegant colors, suitable for many interior spaces, making the living space more lively.

Presenting greetings on November 20 in the mural - 10

Also in the mirror-coated wall line, the yellow deer painting is reduced to 580,000 VND. Painting with abstract lines, printed with UV technology.

Presenting greetings on November 20th in the mural - 12

You can also choose mirror painting in the Nordic style at the price of VND 580,000.

Wall paintings not only help convey meaningful wishes but also evoke a freshness for the bedroom and living room space. Therefore, apart from November 20, the murals can also become gifts for friends and relatives on special days.

In addition to wall paintings, VnExpress Shop also offers many gift suggestions suitable for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. For more options on designs, styles, see here.

From now to November 20, orders on VnExpress Shop worth 800,000 VND will be reduced by 70,000 VND when entering the code NGT11.

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