1000 officers, 65 objects, 18 arrests: This is how the mega-drug raid went

Hanover – The investigators came at 6 a.m.

Around 1,000 police officers and customs officers searched 65 apartments, commercial properties and gazebos on Wednesday. Your goal: to break a large drug ring!

The authorities have been investigating the gangster network with its center in Hanover since September 2019, and the mega-raid was prepared for two months. At the same time, the police turned up yesterday at various locations, including Hanover, Langenhagen, Barsinghausen, Garbsen, Isernhagen. There were also searches in Celle and Winsen / Aller, Sarstedt, Neustadt, Bad M√ľnder, Hamburg, Halle / Saale and Latvia.

Chief Detective Director Christian Zahel: “We have succeeded in our two goals, the dismantling of the group’s structures and the siphoning off of the assets.”

Among other things, the officers seized: 100 kilograms of marijuana, seven kilograms of cocaine, 800,000 euros in cash, vehicles (including a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes AMG, vintage car, a Harley Davidson, a sports boat), luxury watches (Rolex, Breitling, TagHeuer), Designer clothes and handbags.

Public prosecutor Oliver Eisenhauer: “We were also able to seize 100 bank accounts.”

The officers also found weapons. A total of 18 arrest warrants were carried out (12 of them in the Hanover area) and the head of the gang, a Hanoverian, is said to be there.

The evaluation of so-called “EncroChats” (a kind of coded WhatsApp in criminal circles) played no role at the start of the investigation in 2019, according to LKA boss Friedo de Vries. The head of the authorities left it open whether they were called in at some point in the course of the proceedings.

The gang is accused of smuggling and selling tons of drugs from Spain to Germany.

Among other things, a commercial complex in Isernhagen with a well-known music club was searched. The owner spoke up on Facebook and posted videos of devastated rooms: “They have shredded everything here.” And: “This is what it looks like if you can’t find anything – except a bottle of J√§germeister.”

It was particularly bad for the children present and his heavily pregnant daughter-in-law.

The club owner continues: “We have nothing to do with drugs, we will refute any accusation.”

The public prosecutor wants to complete the proceedings against the arrested in one to three months. There is a risk of prison sentences of between 5 and 15 years.


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