10 tube house designs of 2021

Tube house is a common type of house in Vietnamese cities, with the characteristic that the width is many times smaller than the length and is built close to each other.

The tube house was born to adapt to the limited area, so it has many disadvantages such as lack of light, poor ventilation, many floors, it is difficult for residents to connect with each other.

These disadvantages both challenge and stimulate creative architects to create quality but equally unique houses.

An example is the house “covered with fish scales”, with four porches in Tay Ninh. To avoid the feeling that the house is narrow and long, the design team reserved land for front and back gardens, as a place to grow vegetables, play and catch the wind and get light. In the middle of the house, the atrium increases ventilation and connects family members together.

In terms of materials, the work uses old fish scale tiles and unpainted raw bricks to create a cozy and idyllic atmosphere.

See more pictures of the project here.


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