10 signs that your child is in trouble

If your child is always hungry, eager to go to school, or frantically completing a school assignment, he may be facing a fear.

Wear clothes that are skew or not suitable for the weather

Children who experience physical or emotional abuse often stop taking care of themselves. They do not often bathe, wear dirty clothes or wear things that are not suitable for the weather.

Always hungry

One direct way to deal with stress is to eat. A troubled child is always hungry, tired, and inactive. Of course, there’s also the possibility that they’re bored with school, or pre-stressed by an exam.

In particular, if your child appears extremely hungry when he gets home, he or she may not go to the school cafeteria because someone has stripped his pocket money.

Drop out or eager to go to school

Failure to attend class, whether very well or even when ill, are all suspicious signs that your child is in trouble. The fact that children always want to go to school may be having problems at home such as not feeling safe, not trusting relatives or being used.

Try to go beyond your responsibilities

When a child displays this adult personality, they are working to gain control.

Abuse other children

Abused minors may look down on others. They love to shove, call out names, grab and destroy their friends’ belongings. This is how they try to feel like they are in control.

Of course, this behavior may just be a manifestation of a child with normal physiology, but you should also pay attention.

Everything was done too well

A kid who is always dressed, doing all his homework perfectly … maybe not out of desire but out of fear. Are parents too strict with their children when the child does something wrong?

Always want attention

Reactions to bullying and abuse can be different. Some people are reserved and timid, while others try to attract attention from their parents.

It doesn’t matter if the child is always like that, but it would be an alarming sign if it’s unusual behavior.

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Change the route to school

If for no apparent reason, your child decides to walk to school instead of the bus or vice versa, maybe he or she is being bullied by other children.

Of course, maybe I’m just curious about the things around so I want to explore.

Change your look

Nose piercing or wearing hipster or non-standard clothing can be signs of teenage rebellion.

However, it may also indicate bullying. This change is even more worrying if it happens quickly: just a week ago, your kids liked light-colored clothes, suddenly they hated and wanted to wear black.

Often complains of abdominal pain or headache

Children stressed out of abuse often react differently. The most common of these are colic, headache complaints. Some children just pretend because they don’t want to go to school to face their abuser.

Artwork: Brightside.

Illustration: Brightside.

Parents should watch for even the tiniest sign of what their child is struggling with at school, at home and resolve it by talking.

A conversation is a necessary first step for your child to overcome a problem. Then, depending on what your child says, you will respond accordingly.

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