10 sentences parents should say often

Childhood is the perfect time to nurture and encourage self-confidence, giving children the strength to achieve the goals they want.

Here are 10 confidence-boosting phrases that parents can use every day.

‘You can count on me’ or ‘I’m here to help you’

Whenever you see your child doubting himself or wanting to do something but don’t have the courage to do it because he doesn’t know how or is afraid, remind them that you are with them. Let them know they can count on you and have your support if needed.

Children always need to feel that they can count on their parents whenever things get tough. Besides strengthening the bond between parents and children, this emotion will also give children a lot more security and confidence.

By learning and practicing this belief at an early age, it will be easier for children to grow and develop, especially as adults, they have to deal with more difficult situations.

“Tell me” or “I’m listening”

Even if you’re busy, don’t tell your kids you don’t have time for them. The moment your child wants to share something with you is a good time to show them you’re really there for them.

Should pause what you are doing. For you, it’s just a few minutes, but for your child it means you care about them, they can count on you. Listen carefully, don’t make fun of the child’s story or downplay the importance of the story. Show interest and excitement in what they have to say to you. This is the ideal way to build communication with your child and strengthen their trust in you. Later, as adults, children are more than willing to share their experiences and concerns with you.

Mom/Dad love you so much

Taking care of children, paying for their education, sending them to extra classes, buying them everything they need… is not enough.

Experts advise that, in addition to showing love to children through actions, we should also do it with words. This helps strengthen the bond between parents and children, improving communication in the family. In addition, the words of parents also give children confidence and reassurance, as they feel surrounded by love. From there, children strengthen their emotional intelligence, respect and be polite to others.

Can I forgive my parents?

Everyone can make mistakes, parents are no exception. So when you’re wrong, apologize. When children see that their parents, the “superheroes” in their eyes, put their egos aside and ask for forgiveness, they realize how important that really is.

In many cases, parents not only do not apologize, but also force their children to do it. This sends the child a very confusing message. It is best for parents to explain where they went wrong, what they learned, so that your child can also understand and apply.

Parents trust me

Being trusted by a parent makes every child feel as if there is magic, making them more confident and determined to do the job to the end. Of course, the trust parents uttered should not be a lie, it should be based on fact and have legitimacy.

Parents understand your child’s feelings

This phrase reflects a parent’s empathy and connection with their children’s feelings. This sends them the message that they can count on their parent’s understanding and support.

In fact, for both children and adults, knowing that someone understands us makes us feel supported, which in turn increases our confidence.

When children feel not understood, they become frustrated, which leads to negative emotions, aggressive behaviors, unwarranted tantrums, uncontrollable crying and screaming…

Cry if you want

Crying is a completely natural process that both children and adults go through, in different situations. Asking your child not to cry is to force her to suppress her emotions, which means she will never learn to manage her emotions.

Common phrases like “be brave”, “men must not cry”… all have a negative impact. So the best thing you can do is let your child express his or her feelings, listen to them, and offer appropriate support.

Parents are proud of you

This is a powerful phrase that parents should use often with their children in situations where they allow it, to praise their child’s efforts. Therefore, do not focus on the results the child achieves, focus on the work he has done, the process he has gone through and the obstacles he has overcome.

However, compliments should be appropriate and given at the right time, which will boost their confidence and positively boost their self-esteem.

Your opinion is important to me

Listening to children’s opinions, regarding family decisions, helps strengthen children’s self-esteem and makes them happy to be an active part of the family.

Adult life is based on decision making, so it is important to develop this ability at an early age. So whenever there is a chance, ask your child’s opinion, for example, what he wants to do, what to eat… at the weekend.

Parents can also discuss opinions with their children and hear them explain why they think so. Letting children share their personal opinions is not only beneficial for the child but also for the parents, because through it, you understand your child’s perspective.

Thank you very much

A thank you note is meant to tell your child that you know what he’s done, and that you appreciate it. Thank your children for the daily tasks they do, praise and thank them for being moderate, patient in public…

Thuy Linh (According to Brightside)


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