1. FC Saarbrücken – Zeitz makes mini hope that Kwasniok will remain

After his three-game suspension (red at 2-4 in Rostock) Saarbrücken’s captain Manuel Zeitz (30) will return to the team against Verl on Saturday.

Before that he speaks in BILD about …

► … his dismissal from Hansa: “The red card really puked me. I knew right away that it was a bad foul, but I never wanted to hurt him. But I am glad that the suspension is over now. Because of the failed games, I had a little longer ‘vacation’ than I thought. But now I’m hot again to be on the pitch. “

► … his representative Luca Kerber (18): “He played really good games. Back then, when I was 18, I was thrown into the deep end, but it was a few leagues lower. He did it really well. “

Luca Kerber was a good substitute for Zeitz, playing three times over 90 minutesPhoto: Getty Images

► … the hope that coach Lukas Kwasniok (39) will stay: “He has an excellent standing in the team, says honestly what he thinks. But I think the train that it will stay has left. But the craziest things happen in football. It is not a decision of the team, but of the coach and the club. “

►... the quality of the 3rd league compared to its early days: “The 3rd league is much, much stronger than it was a few years ago because a large number of good players are now playing there. It is more complicated than you think to win a game in this 3rd division. We also had games in which we played a wolf, but the result just wasn’t right. The luck of the game simply twists and turns over the course of the season. “

… the strong performance against 1860 Munich (2: 1): “A victory like this can inspire you for the rest of the season, especially because it wasn’t undeserved against a strong opponent. And I already said after the preliminary round that 1860 and Verl were the strongest opponents we played against. “

On Saturday it’s going to Verl …


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