1. FC Saarbrücken: Will Shipnoski shoot his way to Nuremberg here?

Are you attacking again upstairs?

1. FC Saarbrücken clearly wins 4-0 at Bayern Munich II and is six points behind third place in the table, 1860 Munich.

As expected, captain Manuel Zeitz moves into the starting line-up after a yellow card suspension for the injured Boné Uaferro.

Before the eyes of Nuremberg’s sports boss Dieter Hecking, who, according to BILD information, took Saarbrücken’s double scorer Nicklas Shipnoski (23) under the microscope, a brisk game develops.

In which Saarbrücken is equally good. After Shipnoski’s half-chance (6th), the strong Timm Golley served Minos Gouras, who ran along with him and scored 1-0 for FCS (11th). And it gets even better: Golley with magic pass in the top, Shipnoski leaves Hoffmann no chance in the Bayern goal – 2-0 (20th).

Bayern change early and move in midfield. At least it pays off in a playful way. Bavaria is now making more steam, has the best chance with Singhs Schlenzer, which only goes past centimeters to the left (41st). Singh also puts the free kick just before the break just over the goal (45th).

And the hosts come out of the cabin at full throttle, push Saarbrücken back in. Feldhahn’s header has Batz safe (48th), Jastremski’s header goes to the outside post (50th). The reigning champions are better, Saarbrücken makes the goal. Mendler prevails on the left, serves Shipnoski again in the middle, who scores to make it 3-0 (70th).

Is Shipnoski shooting his way to Nuremberg here?

The Saarbrücken top scorer has an exit clause and after Shipnoski’s goal, Hecking also leaves the stadium.

And missed the 4: 0 by Jacob after great preparatory work by Deville.


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