1. FC Saarbrücken: That’s behind Gouras’ heartfelt jubilation

3-1 in Verl – Saarbrücken clearly won the duel between the super-climbers.

Man of the match: attacker Minos Gouras (22). After his second goal to 3-0 in the meantime, he turned away cheering and formed a heart with his fingers.

He revealed to BILD what is behind it. Gouras: “That was for my little brother Mika. I promised him the gate. “

Had a good plan against the most goal-hungry team in the 3rd division: Saarbrücken coach Lukas KwasniokPhoto: Getty Images

With that, the access from Walldorf has probably finally shot itself into the hearts of the fans.

The German-Greek: “Of course I am overjoyed with my first two professional goals. We got our plan through and took our chance to move up. “

Because the performance in the first 75 minutes was particularly strong. Only then did the FCS let the still best offensive in the league have a little more breathing space, could have led much higher beforehand.

Coach Lukas Kwasniok (39) praised and criticized at the same time: “It doesn’t get any better than the first 70 minutes. After that I was too relaxed, but I’m just extremely proud to be the coach of this team. “

Can he make it through to League 2 with her?

Except for four points, the FCS has now moved up to third place again.

Nicklas Shipnoski (l.) And Julian Günther-Schmidt (r.) Celebrate the 1-0 win by Minos Gouras

Nicklas Shipnoski (l.) And Julian Günther-Schmidt (r.) Celebrate the 1-0 win by Minos GourasPhoto: Getty Images

Nicklas Shipnoski (23) raved about Kwasniok’s super tactics: “The coach did magic again.”

Since it was announced that Kwasniok will be leaving the club, the FCS have won three wins in a row. It goes without saying that Saarbrücken’s team is standing up for their popular coach. Gouras again: “We all want him to stay.”

It is possible that the last word has not yet been spoken …


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