1. FC Magdeburg: Streich calls for clever transfers

Scored only twelve goals in fourteen games! 1. FC Magdeburg is deep in the third division relegation battle due to the harmless offensive.

Club icon Achim Streich (69) is worried: “My circle of friends is large. And I hear everywhere: After the season we will be relegated. “

The GDR top scorer (229 goals) does not want to accept that. He says: “Now, during the winter break, there is a chance to turn the wheel around. Before the season started, we failed to improve on the key positions. That can now be corrected through clever transfers. “

He sums up the FCM crisis like this: “With 20 goals conceded, we only conceded two more than Saarbrücken, second in the table. The defense is at its limit. But forward we are one disaster. “

The gate faint! For Streich, it doesn’t just start in the center of the storm. His assessment: “Everyone should question why nothing comes from behind. You get the impression that this team is afraid of making mistakes and hardly dares to cross the middle line. If reinforcements during the winter break, then this is exactly where we need to start. “

The FCM offensive around Sören Bertram (center) had a difficult time against MeppenPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

And he is fully behind striker Christian Beck (33), who scored 130 goals in 289 games for FCM, but has only scored once this season!

Streich: “Despite his age, there is no better penalty area player in sight. But how is he supposed to score if he’s never in the penalty area and has to go long ways outside? I do think that the whole attack concept needs completely new impulses. “


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