1. FC Köln: After a warning shot from the president: HELDT is fighting for GISDOL!

After 18 games without a win, is there a power struggle for the future of coach Markus Gisdol (51)?

president Werner Wolf (64) had fired a more than clear warning shot after the 1: 2 bankruptcy against Union in BILD and counted Gisdol with the words: “There are no job guarantees – for anyone!”

► The Wolf Offensive just one day after the commitment of loyalty Horst Heldt (50) initially caused a stir internally for his trainer. But now Cologne’s sports boss is also publicly opposing it.

“Everyone who is responsible here knew that it would be a difficult season with blows in the neck,” said Heldt yesterday at the press conference before the Dortmund game. A counterattack towards the board of directors, where he could be sure that it would also arrive directly at the executive floor. Finally, Vice-Boss Eckhard Sauren (49) switched on virtually.

Heldt fights for Gisdol.

“Nobody is happy about the results. But we are convinced that we will get it shot, “announced Cologne’s sports boss and praised the coach:” He believes in the team, in each individual. Works meticulously and prepares the boys very well for their opponents. “

They agreed: Heldt, Gisdol and Wolf (from left) when they took office a year agoPhoto: Andreas Pohl

Gisdol is also trying to keep the bosses on course. “I don’t waste time evaluating statements. We’re all in the same boat. We want to win and stay up. And we will improve this season and tap our potential. ”And further:“ There are nicer things. But as a Bundesliga coach you have to endure that too. “

Fact: The situation is a burden for coaches, sports bosses, but above all the relationship between management and committees. Only a miracle in Dortmund would change that. That’s why Heldt says: “We don’t go there and say that a mini-defeat is already a success. We want to take something with us. “


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